How to Fix CS:GO High Ping Issues

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CS: GO, aka, Counter-Strike: Global Offense, is a new generation, multiplayer game that almost every game enthusiast has played. This game is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.

But CS: GO high ping issues are real, which can impact the gaming performance. Although it’s a small issue, it has been troubling multiple players. So, how can one deal with this problem without risking the entire game’s progress?

Fortunately, fixing the CSGO ping issue is easy. That means you can do it in no time by yourself. And once the issue is resolved, you can get back to playing the game.

CSGO High Ping

Steps to Determine Your Ping Time in CS: GO Game

Before we discuss the steps to fix the high ping issue, let’s see how you can determine your CS GO ping time in the game. Honestly, there is no standard ping time. That means even two computers sharing the same internet connection will have different values.

Ping, in simple terms, means a measure of latency in milliseconds (ms) between the server and client. Now, it’s influenced by a range of factors, including inadequate bandwidth, hardware configuration, internet speed, ISP quality, geographical location, and more.

You can try to maintain a ping value between 30 to 100. A value above 100 will slow down the speed. Thus, your gaming experience will be ruined. Follow the below steps to check ping CSGO.

  • Start the checking process by launching the game. Then you need to click on the gear icon that’s present on the left panel
  • After that, open the settings window from where you need to go to game settings and then the game tab
  • Keep scrolling the list. Once you find Enable Developer Console, select yes and then exit the settings window
  • This step requires you to click on your keyboard’s (~) key. After that, a command console window will be opened
  • Then you need to type net_graph 1 in the opened window. Once you click on submit, you can see your ping details at the bottom of the screen
  • At last, type net_graph 0 to remove the ping details

This way, you can check whether you have a high ping issue or not.

How to Fix High Ping Issues

While it’s hard to achieve zero ping value, you can have the lowest value by following the below-mentioned methods.

Restart Your Router

After checking the CS GO ping command, you can restart your router if you find any issues. A quick router that turns off for a minute or two will give the device enough time to cool down. Along with this, you can also clear unnecessary cache files.

  • You can start by turning off the router. When the router is turned off, you won’t see any lights on it.
  • Let the device cool off, and then turn the device on again. When the router’s light stops blinking and become normal, that means the device has correctly started
  • At last, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to check the ping time. If your issue is not resolved, you can follow the next steps.

Connect to the Right Server

One thing that you can do to fix the CS: GO high ping issue is connected to the right server. This step is suggested because, at certain times, the major distance between players and servers can cause delay.

So, you should look for the correct server in your location and connect with it. This way, you will not face lag while playing the game.

Verify the Game

Before you start playing, you can verify the integrity of the game. For doing this, you can open steam on your browser. Then you can log in to access your library. Then go through the game list. After that, click right and choose properties.

While going through the properties, you need to click on the Local Files tab. Then click on “verify the integrity of game files.” Wait for the process and then recheck the ping time.

Change DNS Server

Another way you can resolve the CS: GO high ping issue is by changing the DNS server. You can alter the domain name to Google’s Public DNS because Google’s domain name is highly secured.

Here’s how you can modify the domain.

  • Open the run dialogue box by pressing Windows + R
  • Type control panel and then hit ok
  • Then you need to click on the control panel window and select category
  • After that, you can click on network status and then on change adapter settings
  • This step requires you to select the network icon and then choose the contextual menu
  • Double click on Locate Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  • Lastly, click on obtain an IP address and click on the use the following DNS server

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