Discover The Top Featured Valorant Agents and 10 Maps Guide

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Valorant Agents for each map is crucial knowledge that an aspiring player needs to familiarize themselves with since Valorant’s environment is constantly evolving with the addition of new maps and agents. No worries! At FPSPoint, we’ll show you which agents are best on which maps. We’ve highlighted three for every Agent to give you more options in-game. 

Top Valorant Agents: The Best Map to Play Each Duelist

When assaulting in Valorant, duelists are the team’s stars and the spearhead among all the Valorant Agents. As you’ll likely be the one to go in first to clear a path for your team, you must select the correct one for the map at hand.

Regarding Duelists among Valorant agents, the top three agents are Jett, Raze, and Neon. This is because their exceptional space-taking abilities result from their inherent mobility. On eco or force purchase rounds, they become lethal without using credits because of their powerful ultimate skills. 

Rankings of Jett’s best Valorant maps

Regarding professional dueling, Jett is by far the most popular choice. Because of her adaptability and the speed with which she can use her Tailwind ability to reach Spike sites, she is the ideal Agent to pair with the Operator.

Top Valorant Agents


If you’re a Jett player, these are the top Valorant maps:

The Ascent map is a classic example of a tactical first-person shooter, complete with a contested midsection. Ascent is lucky to have Jett on board because of her proficiency with the Operator. As far as Jett maps go in Valorant, this one is tops. Ascent defense requires navigating the battlefield with the Operator, engaging in several violent fights during the early stages.

Another long-range map that Operator gamers will love is Breeze, where Jett excels. With her Updraft ability, Jett may take surprise fights despite the map’s restricted verticality, making her lethal on Breeze. When attacking Breeze, Jett is just as brutal. By combining her Tailwind ability with Cloudburst, she may effectively control open areas and lay the groundwork for her teammates to rush in and take them down.

Controlling the map is crucial in Haven due to the three Spike locations located there. The Operator is ideal for Jett since teams frequently have to flee a site with only one defender. On the defensive side, Jett takes up position on A Long or C Long. No Sova’s Recon Dart is required to hold down the lengthy angle; your Operator can do the job just fine.

Because of her ultimate mobility, Jett is helpful on every map. Still, some agents are more suited to specific maps. Thus, she shouldn’t be chosen for everyone.

For Raze, the best Valorant maps

Raze is the Duelist that elite players prefer second best. Although it is less practical to use an Operator, Raze’s Blast Pack Ability makes her an even more formidable space invader when attacking. The Blast Pack allows you to fly through the air and surprise your enemies. The attacking and defensive teams can benefit greatly from her Boom Bot’s recon capabilities. 

Top Valorant Agents

The top Raze Valorant maps are these:

Because Raze’s Blast Packs make quick work of Lamps, Bind is an excellent map for her. They let you play from surprising angles when you’re on defense, like atop A Default. There are a lot of confined areas on Bind, so clearing them out is a breeze with the Boom Bot or the Paint Shells ability. They can be lethal when combined.

The ability to secure space using Paint Shells makes Raze a powerful tool on Lotus. Attackers can’t gain control of the map at the beginning of defensive rounds if you throw paint shells at A-Main. When attacking C Bend, you can prevent defenders from holding the site by throwing paint shells at it. Another top Valorant map for Raze is Lotus, thanks to its large open areas that she may explore with her Blast Packs.

Raze has a significant advantage on the newest Valorant map, Sunset. It has a Midsection similar to Ascent; however, using an Operator effectively is challenging. Many players choose Raze for her Blast Packs since she is fast and has good mobility. Regarding defense, Raze’s Paint Shells work wonders in Sunset’s many narrow passages. To get the most out of them, toss them behind A Main when the round begins for extra damage. 

Raze, like Jett, is incredibly adaptable because of her skills. However, it does not imply that she is on par with Jett. Because of how terrible Raze is at long range and when using the Operator, Jett should be the one to take on the Duelist position on maps like Breeze.

Recommended Valorant maps for Yoru

Yoru ranks high among the Valorant’s most challenging agents to master. This is a significant factor in his low draft stock, particularly at the professional level. However, he’s a fantastic agent if you’re a trickster or want to have a good time.

Top Valorant Agents

For Yoru, these are the top Valorant maps:

The three locations of Haven are available to Yoru just as they are to Reyna. If you want to keep defenders from turning, which is crucial for map control, employ Blindside or Gatecrash. Using Yoru’s ultimate power, Dimensional Drift, is another excellent option. When you hear enemies, use the Blindside ability to fling yourself at their feet and play behind boxes on defense. You can quickly kill opponents blinded by bouncing the flash above the box.

Taking early fights to prevent map control is all about this game, unlike Haven, which is all about map control. In these early conflicts, Yoru’s Gatecrash ability is ideal for getting behind opposing lines and causing chaos.

Multiple entrances can be found at Bind’s Spike sites. By dividing fortifications and providing a third assault point, Yoru’s skills, Gatecrash and Dimensional Drift, may wreak havoc on defenses. To get the most out of them, combine them with Blindside.

Yoru isn’t as applicable to the squad as Reyna. But he’s excellent at preventing opponents from spinning and confusing them—Master Yoru by honing your skills in Gatecrash and Dimensional Drift.

The top Phoenix Valorant maps

At the beginning of Valorant, Phoenix’s Curveball ability made him incredibly popular. But with the introduction of other flash agents like Skye, he has become less meta. His six-point Run it Back ultimate ability is potent, and he is still strong even without mobility abilities. Another major perk is the ability to heal with Hot Hands.

Top Valorant Agents

In Phoenix, these are the top Valorant maps:

Phoenix’s finest map is, hands down, Split. His Curveball skill is top-notch, especially in situations with numerous tight corners and passageways. When you’re on defense, annoy the attackers by playing around B Mail and Heaven. You can always find fights on Split, making Run it Back a highly effective strategy. Because of this, you can be confident that you will always be able to benefit from it.

The original Phoenix map is Haven. The Blaze ability’s strength lies in its capacity to seize control of the map, a crucial skill on Haven. One of Curveball’s strengths is the abundance of tight corners.

Another excellent Valorant map for Phoenix, Ascent features tight corners. To clear away B Main or take space on A Short, use the Curveball on the attack side.

Phoenix shines on smaller maps with tighter spaces, but on larger ones, he struggles. Please avoid Phoenix on Breeze because his Curveball will only do slight damage.

Valorant maps that Reyna should be chosen on

When it comes to the Valorant Agents, Reyna is among the favorites. Her Dismiss and Devour abilities allow her to rack up kills. Only solo queue players who know their mechanical prowess should utilize Reyna, as she is a highly self-centered agent.

Top Valorant Agents

In Valorant, these are the top maps for Reyna to use:

Reyna’s location on the map makes it easier to be surprising, given that Haven has three sites. Take fights early and lurk for late-round effect with the Leer ability. 

Empress, Reyna’s ultimate power, is most effective when employed in confined areas. This is why Reyna excels on Bind. When you have Empress, order your team to go B on the Attack. After plants, take up the role of the principal defender of the Spike. When attacked, it’s best to engage in early battles in Showers or B Long and then use Dismiss to get away.

When applied on the B site, Empress produces results comparable to Bind. When playing defense, choose from Heaven A or B and, when challenged, employ the Leer ability to engage in aggressive fights.

It would help if you remembered that Reyna is a highly self-centered Agent. Utilize her only if you are confident that you can outkill your opponents. 

The top maps for Neon in Valorant

Of all the agents in Valorant, Neon is the swiftest. Her lightning-fast running speed might leave defenders baffled when she uses her High Gear ability in conjunction with Fast Lane. When used in eco or force-buy rounds, her ultimate ability, Overdrive, transforms her finger into a rifle.

Top Valorant Agents

The most effective Valorant maps for Neon are these:

Even though Fracture isn’t currently active in Valorant, it’s the ideal map for Neon. Neon is the ideal Duelist for Fracture because of her High Gear, which allows her to perform quick rotations. Given the compact size of the map, the speed of Neon becomes even more crucial. You can close the distance between you and your foes more quickly thanks to Fast Lane, which is made more effective by the compact terrain. When you pair Overdrive with your abilities, you may flip the script on your opponents and win more often than not.

Usually, Jett would do better on huge maps like Breeze. If you’d instead not use the Operator, though, Neon is a great alternative. Despite its size, Neon can swiftly traverse the map with High Gear and Fast Lane, which causes defenders to fear.

For the most aggressive Neon gamers out there, Haven is the place to be. Because of her High Gear, she can swiftly get in the faces of enemies, allowing you to fight for items like C and A before your foes even notice.

Although Jett and Raze are more generalists, Neon is quite a specialist. She is still competent but more challenging to learn and has a different degree of variety than the other two. Even if they can’t move around as much as the other Duelists, the ones left are nonetheless good. Also, when a team has two Duelists, they’re at a disadvantage because their ultimates could be more effective on eco rounds.

Iso Valorant Maps that are the best

Even though Iso is one of the most recent Valorant Agents to join the fray, players have already discovered his strengths and weaknesses. As a result of his superb Contingency skill for contesting space, Iso poses a significant threat to defenders.

Top Valorant Agents

For Iso, these are the top Valorant maps:

Thanks to Iso’s Contingency skill, you can easily win early-round encounters on the Bind defensive side. Get down to the floor and fight off opponents before they can push by using Contingency on B Long.

If you want to take space on defense and push back attackers, you can utilize Contingency on C Long and A Long in Haven, just like Bind. Contingency is impervious to gunfire, shielding you from harm as you launch an assault.

The small confines of a room are ideal for Split: iso. Making space and isolating fights are both possible with Contingency. Before pushing, undercut them to make them vulnerable.

If you’re looking for an agent that demands pinpoint accuracy, go as far as Iso. The quick aim is required for his Kill Contract ultimate and Double Tap ability; therefore, practice before you choose him. Additionally, stay away from Breeze and Lotus, two huge open maps. For those maps, getting the most out of Contingency will be challenging.

Top Valorant Agents: The Best Maps to Play Each Initiator

Among the most crucial members of any Valorant squad are the Initiators. A powerful Initiator is essential to your team’s success because they support gunfights and clear up areas. Flash, Recon, and Hybrid are the three types of initiates. 

Flash will be the initial category we will discuss. The Duelist class makes the most effective use of these agents as supporting agents. They start the conflicts and execute with their flashbang powers.

Skye maps for Valorant

Since her addition to the game, Skye has quickly become one of the most beloved Initiators. Thanks to her hybrid skills, she is still relatively robust, but Nerfs have made her more helpful. Seekers, her ultimate ability, is excellent in critical situations, and her Guiding Light flash ability recharges, which is a great bonus.

Top Valorant Agents

When it comes to Skye, these are the top Valorant maps:

Guiding Light can blind an enemy at a distance and provide an audible signal when it does so. Because of this, driving Light is the best way to receive early access to Bind data. Clear out B Long’s rear with Guiding Light on defense, and then use Trailblazer to obtain intel in A Showers using the teleporter.

Skye is the perfect flash character for Breeze due to Guiding Light’s range and maneuverability. To increase your chances of success in aggressive moves in the early rounds, fight around A Doors or use B Elbow as a supporting element on defense. 

Skye’s Guiding Light’s maneuverability makes her a strong Splitter. You can blind someone by guiding the flash around tight corners, even though many of them exist. To achieve a kill during an attack, use Guiding Light after spotting an adversary with Trailblazer.

You can’t go wrong with Skye as an initiator on any map because she is one of the game’s strong ones. Keep an eye on your teammates’ health so you may use Regrowth and communicate with them when you flash for them.

The top Breach maps for Valorant

Among pure flash initiators, Breach is the most popular. And he’s not the only one who can be employed solo; he’s the finest Initiator at clearing out space. His After Shock and Fault Line abilities are fantastic for limited space, and they may make defenders give up awkward gifts on executes.

Top Valorant Agents

The top Breach maps in Valorant are these:

Breach is an excellent option due to Sunset’s tight tunnels. To clear away locations on the A site, his Fault Line and After Shock are ideal for attacks. To help a teammate defend against executions, play near the back of B site and use Fault Line and Flashpoint.

If you’re using Haven, Breach is an excellent rotator. You can deploy a Fault Line to your advantage if you’re fighting to defend A Lobby or Garage. During an assault, you can stun and steal space from any player using A Long Fault Line.

Similar to Sunset, Split features numerous small hallways that enhance Breach’s powers. To assault B Heaven, use the Fault Line. When defending, try to position yourself around Heaven and use Flashpoint to throw off attackers.

Even though he doesn’t have recon, Breach is a powerful initiate. For optimal results, pair him with Fade or Sova. Please stay away from Breeze as Breach because his powers are rendered useless by the big map design. 

The top maps for KAY/O in Valorant

You can utilize KAY/O, an Initiator, as a de facto Duelist. When played solo, his FLASH/drive can be devastatingly effective, and his ZERO/point is excellent for gathering information about when to use it. Because it prevents adversaries from using any abilities, NULL/cmd is also a top ultimate. If you die while KAY/O uses his ultimate, he can be revived, giving it even more power.

Top Valorant Agents

Our top-rated Valorant maps for KAY/O are as follows:

When it comes to Ascent, professional teams always choose KAY/O. The reason is that agents like Killjoy are rendered helpless when protecting their Spike location thanks to his ZERO/point ability. You can prevent agents from activating rush abilities when playing defense by pressing ZERO or point. Use FRAG/ment to halt their progress if they persist in trying to rush.

With its many huge sites, Breeze is an excellent map for KAY/O. On big sites, ZERO/point can help reduce the number of angles to scan because it constantly displays information about participants in its area of operation. On defense, you can engage in aggressive duels using FLASH/drive and prevent enemy Vipers from activating their Toxic Screen by pressing NULL/cmd.

KAY/O may only be able to do a little on Icebox with knowing B’s lineups, but he’s mighty against A. To prevent defenders from employing abilities to counter pushes, you can utilize ZERO/point during an attack to wipe off the entire backside.

KAY/O is ideal for aggressive playstyles and is one of the game’s most versatile Initiators. Because ZERO/point is only effective up to a certain degree on Spike sites, you should stay away from KAY/O on Split.

Reconnaissance initiators make up the last two Initiators. So, they’re great for finding enemy positions and gathering information to back up pushes.

Valorant maps that Gekko should used on

Thanks to Wingman, the newest Initiator to join the game, Gekko, may plant the Spike even while he isn’t physically present at the place. Dizzy, his flashbang ability, is potent because many players fail to anticipate that you must fire it out of the air to avoid being struck.

Top Valorant Agents

The top Valorant maps for Gekko are as follows:

As Wingman, Gekko lets you take fights on Sunset while he installs or defuses the Spike, making him a good choice. Dizzy can also help flash foes and reveal their hiding spots.

Gekko thrives on this map since he can quickly retreat and employ Mosh Pit to thwart defenders’ attempts to defuse the Spike.

Dizzy can flash everyone in the line of sight because of Breeze’s open layout. Wingman is similar to Sunset in that it lets you focus on combat rather than dealing with the Spike.

Playing Gekko without a recon Initiator is not recommended due to his low recon abilities despite his high Initiator skills. Also, avoid Split because the verticality and the closeness of the corners would hinder Dizzy.

Hybrids are the name given to the two Initiators that follow. Their versatility makes them ideal for both recon and flash missions.

Best Sova Valorant maps

When Valorant was released, Sova was there as the original recon initiate. Due to the abundance of spammable spots in Valorant, his Recon Bolt can result in many kills due to its wall hacking abilities. To ensure kills with Sova, utilize Owl Drone and Hunter’s Fury together; they work wonderfully together.

Top Valorant Agents

We have compiled a list of the top Valorant maps for Sova:

Sova is an ideal recon for defensive purposes due to the thin walls of Ascent’s B Main. To quickly eliminate foes hiding behind walls, utilize an Ares or Odin and press B Main at the beginning of each round. When attacking, tag an adversary with the Owl Drone and then use a Hunter’s Fury to finish them out.

Sova and his Recon Bolt are well-suited to Breeze’s open architecture. To obtain kills on adversaries who can’t see you, on defense, wait for the enemy Viper to throw up her Toxic Screen and then use Recon Bolt behind it.

Sova and his recon are ideal for Haven because of how fast the rotations need to be. If you want to get a head start on the Recon Bolt and rotate to stack another site, you must switch up your starting position on defense. To aid your teammates in clearing angles during attacks, utilize the Owl Drone. When you’re ready to play post-plants, use Shock Darts or Hunter’s Fury.

Top Fade maps in Valorant

Because of her power to bind and decay, Fade is an exceptionally potent Initiator. While Skye’s Trailblazer stuns enemies, Prowler blinds them instead. The two abilities are remarkably similar otherwise. Another helpful skill is seize, which stops adversaries in their tracks. Nightfall, Fade’s ultimate, marks and decays foes, making it a strong attack.

Top Valorant Agents

The top Fade maps in Valorant are these:

Pearl is a powerful Fade effect, even if it isn’t in the rotation. On Pearl, Haunt may be deployed on many roofs for optimum efficiency, while in Mid, Prowlers can be utilized to wipe out near angles.

Fade is an ideal Initiator for recon missions in Sunset. With Nightfall, you can cover both sites entirely; with Seize, you can hold enemies in their most vulnerable areas. When you’re on defense, utilizing Fade in the Market and Prowlers in Mid is best to find out where your adversaries are. 

Fade is a highly effective agent on Lotus because of the abundance of sites where Prowlers may be utilized to gather intelligence regarding enemy positions. You can aid Raze to get kills on defense by using Seize on a Lobby with Raze’s Paint Shells.

Despite being damaged by Nerfs, Fade is still a formidable Initiator. It would help if you did not use her on Breeze and Haven because she isn’t as powerful as Sova on large maps.

Top Valorant Agents: The Best Maps to Play Each Sentinel

Sentinels play a crucial role in preventing teammates from getting flanked and are frequently utilized in aggressive lurk plays during attacks. They shine when they’re on defense because their powers are all on holding Spike sites and delaying opponents.

Top Cypher maps for Valorant

When compared to Killjoy, Cypher is Valorant’s top Sentinel. In contrast to Killjoy’s Alarm Bot, his flank protection Trap Wires do not possess range. While defending, you can employ Trap Wires to draw attention to your foes so you can kill them when they’re not looking.

Top Valorant Agents

For Cypher, these are the top Valorant maps:

Cypher’s infinite range makes him very effective on Breeze. With so many possible angles, you may set up surprising and nearly impossible to break Trap Wires on both A and B. 

There are a lot of OP Trap Wire angles in Bind, the same as in Breeze. For defensive purposes, you should set Trap Wires in A Lamps with an Odin so you can gain skills through barriers. Ensure that the Trap Wires are set up to prevent flanks during the Attack. 

Cypher has been well-received by professional teams on Sunset, the newest map in the competitive pool. To put off your opponents while they push your site, use the Trap Wires. Another option on the B Spike site for getting easy kills on B Main opponents is to employ the Cyber Cage one-way.

Because his powers could be more versatile, Cypher is vital on every map in Valorant. This Agent is simple to teach using the Cyber Cage’s one-way learning feature.

Recommended Valorant maps for Sage

Thanks to her talents, you can also utilize Sage as a de facto Duelist, just like Chamber. Deficiency in self-healing has diminished her strength, yet she remains formidable when unleashed on an aggressive pack. With the powerful ability of Barrier Orb, teammates can usually rotate in time to counter attackers’ execution attempts. 

Top Valorant Agents

For Sage, these are the top Valorant maps:

The finest map that Sage is in rotation right now is Icebox. Barrier Orb is the ideal size to block Icebox’s numerous tight choke points. As a defensive measure, you can place the Barrier Orb in the Tube or at the entrance to the A site. Use Barrier Orb to gain a height advantage and surprise your opponents when attacking. 

When defending Mid on Split, Sage is among the top options. Because it completely blocks Mid, opponents are compelled to shoot it, resulting in the disclosure of sensitive information. During an attack, your teammates can prevent rotations by using Slow Orb and securing Spike plants.

Sage’s Barrier Orb has several uses, making Haven a powerful map. You can use it in the Garage or across B for defensive purposes to impede attackers’ progress and collect information. 

Due to her lower holding site strength compared to Cypher and Killjoy, Sage is best utilized with another Sentinel. You won’t be able to use her powers on Breeze because the map design is too broad. 

Top Killjoy maps in Valorant

Killjoy is among the top when it comes to Valorant Sentinels. The Turret is excellent for collecting data, and the Alarm Bot keeps her flanked and tells her when to unleash her Nanoswarm. Lockdown, Killjoy’s ultimate ability, is also incredibly effective in post-plant and retake scenarios.

Top Valorant Agents

The top Killjoy Valorant maps are as follows:

You can protect Mid and B on Ascent without engaging in gunfights, making it an excellent Killjoy map. To protect Mid, utilize the Alarm Bot. When someone tries to execute you, use the Turret to get information about B so you can deploy Nanoswarm.

Killjoy is effective on Lotus, as she is on Ascent because she decreases the necessity of gunfights. If your enemies attempt to move to B, you can learn about it by positioning your Turret on B and playing towards C.

Killjoy’s skills let you defend numerous positions simultaneously, making them incredibly strong on Haven. To be both surprising and a defensive thinker, switch up the placement of your skills between Garage, B, and C.

On most maps, Killjoy proves to be one of the strongest Sentinels among Valorant Agents. Nevertheless, please stay away from her on Breeze because her abilities are limited, and it’s easy to go out of range.

Top Deadlock Maps in Valorant

Deadlock, the most recent Sentinel to join the game, was less potent than the others, but that changed with the latest patch. Her Sonic Sensors provide flan defense, much to Chamber’s Trademark, while her Barrier Mesh functions similarly to Sage’s Barrier Orb.

Top Valorant Agents

The top Deadlock maps in Valorant are these:

The Sonic Sensors are great for keeping people out of Bind, a map where they tend to lurk. They excel at protecting flanks when attacking as well. Lock down the Showers or Hookah positions on defense using Barrier Mesh.

When playing Lotus, Deadlock can stand in for Killjoy. To slow down pushes, play towards C while using the Barrier Mesh. To stop intruders from getting into B, use Sonic Sensors. 

On Haven, Deadlock is a powerful tool for destroying Garage. To hear when opponents are approaching, use the Sonic Sensor in the Garage while you play towards C. Upon their entrance, prevent them from pushing by utilizing the Barrier Mesh on the tunnel leading to C. Protect your flanks with Sonic Sensors and prevent defenders from retaking from an angle with Barrier Mesh while you’re attacking.

If you want to use Deadlock, you should practice using her powers often because she is less potent than other agents. You won’t get much use out of her on Ascent or Breeze because of how the maps are designed.

Top maps for Chamber in Valorant

After his introduction, Chamber was a significant force in the game, but Nerfs caused him to lose ground. His Headhunter and Tour De Force abilities can cause considerable damage when utilized as dualists. He is an agent with similar strengths in both roles. Engage in combative duels and use Rendezvous to return to safety while playing Chamber.

Top Valorant Agents

For Chamber, these are the top Valorant maps:

The B Long position gives Chamber a mighty hand against Pearl. You can use Chamber to lock down lengthy aggressive encounters and teleport away with Rendezvous, but he shines when an Operator wields him. Even without the means to hire an Operator, Chamber can execute this because of his ultimate ability, Tour De Force.

Because of the several Long places on the map, the Chamber is also strong on Haven. Like Pearl, engage in violent confrontations with the Operator and teleport to a safe location. Protect the Garage with the Trademark on defense, and then use your fragging powers to defend the C site. 

Due to the abundance of aggressive fights that can be taken, Chamber excels at Fracture. Fighting aggressively can provide you with the information you need, and there are four locations on the map to do it. Just use Rendezvous to get out of there when you’re in over your head.

We advise only utilizing Chamber if you are exceptionally skilled with the bow due to his nerfs. This is a safe bet; just be sure you can consistently maintain a high scoreboard position and aggressive playstyle.

Top Valorant Agents: The Best Maps to Play Each Controller

Controllers are among the most crucial agents in Valorant teams. Agents with smokes are essential for delaying attackers and securely executing on sites. 

The top Astra Valorant maps

Astra dominated the Controller meta upon her addition to the game. Despite the nerfs she received, she is still very much a viable option. She is a pain to play against because of her cosmic powers, Gravity Well and Nova Pulse. 

Top Valorant Agents

In Valorant, these are the top maps for Astra:

Even though Sunset is the newest map in the pool, professional teams are already using Astra. Regarding early map control, Gravity Well and Nova Pulse are great tools. Regarding Spike site design, her ultimate ability, Cosmic Divide, is second to none in ensuring a Spike plant.

Due to Lotus’s large size, the worldwide Astral Form and Nebula/Dissipate are mighty. To top it all off, Astra’s Cosmic Divide may divide the map in two, making it ideal for retakes and executions. When used with Raze’s Paint Shells, Gravity Well can be a devastating early-game tool for securing kills for your teammates.

Due to Split’s tight passageways, Astra’s Gravity Well and Nova Pulse gain significant strength. Beyond that, Cosmic Divide is ideal for splitting Spike sites in half, making it easy to secure Spike plants on maps where it might be challenging to do so otherwise.

Although she is renowned as one of Valorant’s top Controllers, Astra is also notoriously difficult to control. It would help if you only played as her on a team because she relies heavily on communication to unleash her full potential.

The top Harbor maps in Valorant

The optimal application of Harbor, like Viper, is as a secondary Controller. Like Viper’s Toxic Screen, his High Tide ability may cover large areas. Cove is great for securing Spike plants or defuses, while Cascade is incredible for delaying retakes with a second smoke.

Top Valorant Agents

For Harbor in Valorant, these are the top maps:

Harbor and Viper are complementary abilities on Breeze, or you can use them interchangeably. You can use High Tide as your leading smoke to mimic Toxic Screen, or you can use it in conjunction with Viper to make it look like you’re about to perform an execution on a site. The architecture of Breeze makes it easier to conceal in locations without Harbor’s ultimate power, Reckoning, and pushes defenders to move from their positions, making it an extremely effective ability on the map.

Professional Sunset players have put a fair amount of time into Harbor thus far. Reckoning is a powerful tool for retaking and executing, and Cascade is great for taking mid and directing onto Spike locations.

Obtaining map control on Pearl can be made much easier using the distance given by High Tide. High Tide is ideal for executing onto the A site, where there are numerous angles that many Controllers cannot cover themselves owing to limited smokes. It is solid on Attack.

Utilizing Harbor on Ascent and Haven maps is not advisable, just like Viper. Also, compared to Viper, High Tide is less helpful on Bind because he can only be deployed sometimes when the player wants to. 

Top Brimstone Valorant maps

Brimstone is still a potential agent in 2023, the original Controller offered to players. Unlike the other Controllers, his smokes don’t replenish over time, but he has the most in the game at three. Brimstone’s versatility is showcased by his incendiary and orbital strike abilities, which are particularly useful in post-plant conditions and securing space.

Top Valorant Agents

When it comes to Brimstone, these are the top Valorant maps:

By a wide margin, the best map for Brimstone is Bind. Orbital Strike can assist you in obtaining all three of his Sky Smokes, which are necessary for proper execution on A.

Brimstone is ideal for Haven due to the fast rotations, even if the map is large. It is critical to execute on sites promptly, and Sky Smokes is suitable for that. With so many options for post-plant lineups, incendiary is also a strong suit.

Although Fracture isn’t in rotation, Brimstone is an ideal substitute due to its diminutive size. The compact size makes up for the short range of Sky Smokes. On Fracture, Stim Beacon shines because it facilitates teammates’ rapid execution onto locations, giving them an advantage over fast rotations.

Brimstone is still a great choice, although his popularity has dropped because Omen and Astra are versatile. However, his limited range will make him useless against Breeze and Pearl, so you should avoid using him on them.

The top Omen Valorant maps

Omen possesses the skill of Paranoia, which allows him to excel as a Controller in Valorant. One other great thing about Omen is that his Dark Cover smokes are almost global, so you can put them wherever you want. This gives him an advantage over Brimstone.

Top Valorant Agents

When it comes to Omen, these are the top Valorant maps:

Omen is an essential choice on Ascent. Because his Dark Cover can go so far, he is part of the usual Ascent team composition. He is much more formidable on defense thanks to his Dark Cover ability, which allows him to produce one-way smokes. If you have an attacking ability, like Generator on A, you can blind an enemy angle with Paranoia. 

Omen’s From the Shadows Ultimate can be helpful for short rotations, considering how long Haven’s rotations are. He also has highly effective near-global smokes. They let you safeguard your teammates from a distance and simulate executions on sites.

In Split, the assaulting team has to decide on the fly whether to rotate to the opposite side, ultimately giving Omen and his From the Shadows a significant advantage. Paranoia is also powerful enough to blind all of B Heaven, which is great news for teammates.

Omen has one of the best maps in Valorant and is easily one of the best controllers. Some maps, like Viper on Breeze and Brimstone on Bind, are better suited to some players.

The top Viper maps in Valorant

After a series of patches, Viper went from being a weak Controller to one of the finest among Valorant Agents. Poison Cloud can permanently encase whatever is left after Toxic Screen covers a lot of space. Regarding assault and defense, her ultimate ability, Viper’s Pit, is among the game’s best, and the Snake Bite Molotov is an excellent choice for several circumstances.

Top Valorant Agents

If you’re a Viper, these are the top Valorant maps:

To put it simply, Breeze is Viper’s finest map. The vast map design greatly enhances Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud, both tools for controlling Mid. Because capturing Spike sites on Breeze is so tricky, it is also a compelling map for Viper’s Pit.

Bind is a powerful Viper map, but you should only use her in a two-controller setup. The reason is that relying solely on Viper’s abilities will make it difficult for you to execute on sites correctly. To prevent A Site from seeing you during the Attack, use the Toxic Screen. Then, take control of the Lamps to make them spin.

Whether you’re playing with one or two controllers, Split is a powerful map for Viper. It is suggested that the Toxic Screen be utilized in double Controller configurations. However, it can be used effectively to lurk on sites during attacks. Protect Mid by dodging enemies with Poison Cloud and Snake Bites while on defense.

While Ascent and Haven aren’t as affected by Viper as the other maps, she’s still a solid choice for most maps. The reason is that conventional smokes like Sky Smoke or Dark Cover better hide the required areas.


This article has taught you which maps are ideal for which Valorant agents. Keep in mind that mastering agents is Valorant’s point. Thus, it’s best to focus on being good at one of the four classes: Duelist, Controller, Sentinel, or Initiator. Because different maps have different metas, which make some better than others, the ability to play several is crucial.

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