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CSGO High Tier Ranked Accounts are the VIP Accounts that offer Instant Delivery| 24×7 Live Support| Affordable and Cheap Pricing | 100% Legit and Secure | Lifetime Guarantee | Original Email |Easy Refunds only at fpspoint.com

Players can even buy inexpensive High Tier and VIP Accounts with Medals at the lowest Price | Can buy CSGO High Tier Accounts with the high trust factor, Medals, Coins, Trophies & Badges. 

High Tier Accounts have an immense number of hours played and wins. A particular account offers, a player can view the details to get the total number of hours played range from 500 to 2000 hours. And the number of wins ranges from 30 to 330 wins. VIP or High Tier CSGO Accounts encompasses pins that make it more luring for the customer to get some attention within its fellow matchmaking lobby.

CSGO Smurf Account is a unique platform that offers the opportunity to buy a variety of not only high-ranked but also user-friendly gamer accounts as well.

FPS Point offers everything that is required for the gamers to succeed such as the ins and outs of the gaming industry. You can buy numerous CSGO High Tier Accounts from our Websites such as CSGO Level 21, Silvers, Gold Novas, Master Guardians, Legendary, Supreme, and Global Elite. FPS Point is the most Legit Smurf Accounts provider. Such accounts are well-positioned and well-directed by our in-house group who try their best to make your gaming points as a bulls-eye. Apart from this, you will also get completely working yet additionally substantial and convincing achievements, identifications, medals, badges are added to your account level. These VIP CSGO accounts come with coins like Phoenix, Breakout, Vanguard, Bloodhound, Wildfire, Hydra, Shattered Web, Broken Fang, and Loyalty Badges as well which are rewarded for achieving each milestone or being a part of an existing operation within the game. 

So, What are you thinking about? Start playing now! Also, don’t forget to browse our product offerings and look for accounts that will fulfill all your gaming needs, and begin right away with your amazing gaming experience!

Benefits or Use of CSGO Non-Prime Accounts

Serving Quality and features

Best Customer Support Services

Good Matchmaking options.

Instant Delivery

24*7 Live Support Services

Extreme gaming privacy

Safe and Secure Accounts for the players.

Highest Trust Factor

More About CSGO High Tier Accounts

After competing to achieve Counter Strike Global Offensive Prime Accounts which is an FPS game with multiplayer capabilities, you might be looking for a boost in your CSGO rankings on the gameboard. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is an FPS game with multiplayer capabilities. The CSGO game is filled with several kinds of players that make it not only adventurous to play with other players by matchmaking but also exploit the gaming environment by introducing hackers and aim-bottlers as well.

High Tier Accounts are quite popular among players. This account offers several ranks like a Global Elite, Master Guardian, and Legendary Eagle. On the other hand, this account also offers you the challenge to reach a high-ranking position. Such accounts are for those gamers who can reach this higher level which is very limited in numbers imbibing a specific skill set according to their rank. Players need to entail years of dedication to the game and hours of shooting exercise to reach such higher ranks. Most of the CSGO players who ever rank higher have pondered immense huge effort and time to reach there. However, you can also buy CSGO High Tier Accounts?

Types of CSGO High Tier Accounts:

CSGO Prime Master Guardian
CSGO Prime Master Guardian Elite
CSGO Prime Distinguished Master Guardian
CSGO Prime Silver
CSGO Prime Silver I
CSGO Prime Silver II
CSGO Prime Silver III
CSGO Prime Silver Elite
CSGO Prime Global Elite
CSGO Prime Global Nova  

CSGO High Tier Accounts are provided by us with the following features:

  • A High Tier CSGO account has a skill group rank higher than the average CSGO community competitive CSGO player.
  • A CSGO high-ranked account is provided with many coins, badges, trophies, and awards. Some examples include 10 Year Coin, 5 Year Coin, Loyalty Badge, Shattered Web coin Etc.
  • High Tier CSGO accounts also have numerous Service medals, which are also upgraded to higher levels Like 2020 Green Medal, 2019 Blue Medal Etc.
  • High Tier CSGO Accounts have The Overwatch Function enabled, which means that these accounts can view demos of suspected hackers in the community, meaning that it can further bring a high trust factor on solving the cases in a correct manner.

Our accounts are delivered to all our gamers with all the desired details and specifications that they require to enjoy the high level experience of CSGO and we always strive in delivering our players the accounts with the promised specifications all at reasonable prices. So why not buy your CSGO high tier prime account now and jump into the wonderful world of CSGO, with style.



One of the most paramount factors of VIP Account or CSGO High Tier Accounts is that they have a fully green trust factor which prevents you from playing with hackers as these accounts are trusted with no third-party software used and ready to compete with other levels of players.

Such VIP CSGO accounts come with coins that are rewarded for achieving each milestone or being a part of an existing operation within the game. These rewarded coins will be displayed beside the player’s name within the game by right-clicking on the coin in the inventory.

All our VIP CSGO Accounts come with Multiple Coins, Medals, Loyalty Badges that players have managed to achieve by playing the hardest levels within the game.

VIP or High Tier CSGO Accounts include 100% veteran coins that are Five Year Veteran Coin for existing members for over 5 years and Ten Year Veteran Coin for over 10 years that makes our customer proud and satisfied with his gaming experience.

VIP CSGO Accounts inculcates a trophy that manages to make the User’s Accounts look good and alluring.

We prefer to give our gamers the best playing experience and hence, each of our CSGO accounts is the best in the market.

CSGO High Tier Accounts have a certain number of played hours and wins. A particular account offers a player can view the details to get the total number of hours played by a gamer that ranges from 500 to 2000 hours. And the number of wins ranges from 30 to 330 wins.

If a player earns more medals, this means that that gamer has more experience of playing CSGO games. The CSGO High Tier Prime Account is a popular purchased account that offers several features as it is the most preferred account for various professional gamers who are consistent in playing the games and understand all its complexities. This account can only be purchased by those players who can make the most of it and understand the strategies to win it.

This account will allow you to sharpen all the complexities to defeat other team players within a game.

In addition to this, some CSGO accounts also allow you to add friends as their teammates that make the game more advanced and entertaining as it comes with a trophy that accesses it to higher ranks.


Buying from our portal means secured shopping, with a bonus of high-quality service. We provide secure payment gateway so that your credentials are protected from the reach of any third party and are safe on our servers. Because safety of our customer is of utmost importance to us.

CSGO High Tier Ranked FAQs


  • Such Smurf Accounts are especially used by CSGO expert players as a secondary account to gain high tier rankings. 
  • It offers a second chance to the players to gain more shooting skills and become highly experienced in handling the toughest gaming situations. 
  • It also provides players with good matchmaking capabilities and various other benefits. 
  • One pitfall of forging Smurf Accounts by yourself is getting eliminated by CSGO creators themself after knowing the actual person behind it. So, instead of risking your CSGO Main Account, choose the best CSGO Smurf Accounts from our website with legitimate high tier rankings!
  • Prime membership requires level 21 to get benefits and different weapons and these accounts offer the same.
  • The security of your account is paramount and you get secure access to safeguard your prime features.
  • With CSGO Prime Accounts from us, you will get 24*7 gaming support from our side.
  • You will get the Best Customer Support Services as our CSGO gaming player.
  • Instant Delivery – Why wait for your account once the payment is done? You can begin with your game at the very same moment once the payment is done.
  • Our Client will get CSGO Prime Accounts at the most affordable and cheap prices.

● Extreme gaming privacy with Matchmaking options.

We (FPS Point.com) have everything you require! Our customer can buy a Global Elite Account to encounter the experience of using the top guns in the game. 

Once the payment is done and our player buys the account to begin the game then our buyer will get the following information delivered to them via their email such as:


  • Username
  • Password
  • Family Pin (Generally disabled on most Accounts)

While purchasing the account from our website (FPS Point.com), a buyer will receive the product instantly to their provided emails. Also, you can check your email, spam, or junk box for the email as we deliver the product instantly.

It’s really simple! All the Account details are emailed instantly to your mentioned email address. The details include the Steam Username and Steam Password of your respective account. Also, the steam guard is always disabled so you can log right in. At last, you can simply change the account details and the accounts will be all yours.

It’s very simple. Prime Membership is preferred by various players. Many players play immensely well to reach their Level 21 goal and get a Prime Membership. Hence, if you want to encounter the ultimate gaming experience then it is the best option.


Instant Delivery

Get your account/order details delivered instantly to your provided email address as soon as you make a purchase


Verified & Trusted

All accounts are verified to assure that no third party software or hacks have been used to for account boosting


100% Feedback

We have been successful in providing an awesome experience to our customers, receiving 100% positive feedback



Our support staff is available 24x7 on email and live chat to help you with all your questions and concerns

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