CS2 Medal Accounts and Everything you need to Know about New Exclusive Service Medals For 2023

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CS2 Medal Accounts are esteemed On September 28, 2023, Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) was made available to players worldwide as an add-on update. This marked the conclusion of eleven years of development for Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO). Service Medals are a part of CS2 accounts. As a newcomer to CS2, you might have some questions about these service medals. Do not worry; by the end of this article, you will know everything there is to know about service medals.

What is a Service Medal?

As a component of the Profile Rank, the Service Medal was added in 2015 with the Operation Bloodhound update. Once a player reaches Level 40, they become qualified for it. 

You may enhance the badge a maximum of six times by redeeming XP. When you redeem it, the color of the badge will vary according to how many times it has been improved. Every year, on January 1, the design of a Service Medal is changed, rendering the previous medal unattainable. The distinctiveness of each design makes it simple to identify the year of acquisition.

Rare and impressive, just 10% of CS2 players earn the Blue Service award annually. It’s an outstanding achievement to brag about. Less than one percent ever make it to level four. We offer accounts with medals; we have one, two, three, and more than three service medals with a 100% green trust factor guarantee, so you can choose according to your choices. However, even if you play the game nonstop for an entire year, there’s no guarantee you’ll reach those levels.

Not only does the service medal make you look more experienced in-game and in real life, but it also discourages other players from treating you like a rookie. Get the esteem you deserve and flaunt your in-game prowess with our cheap CS2 Medal accounts.

The colors of the 6 levels of a Service Medal are as follows:

  1. White
  2. Green
  3. Blue
  4. Purple
  5. Pink
  6. Red
CS2 Medal Accounts

What does it Signify?

A Service Medal represents how much time you have spent playing the game. It signifies that you have a lot of experience playing CS2 that season. Moreover, the color of your Service Medal adds to the value of the same. 

The Service Medal is a player’s badge of honor, a testament to their dedication to the game. In the gaming community, CS2 medal accounts that boast medals are highly esteemed. They are coveted by players who wish to distinguish themselves and flaunt their achievements. Amassing an impressive array of medals on your account showcases your skill and your profound understanding of the game’s mechanics, map strategy, collaboration, and personal performance.

What value does it hold in the Counter-Strike Community?

Players with CS2 Medal accounts tend to win more often. Between one hundred and ten thousand gameplay hours are available to users. With the addition of rewards and coins, CS2 Medal accounts become even more powerful. A more experienced account and higher service medals equal a better gaming experience.

Because we care about you and your gaming needs, we have an extensive database of CS2 accounts. Our CS2 Medal accounts are some of the best in the business. For fans of Counter-Strike:2, we will do all our power to provide the finest gaming experience possible.

One way to give yourself an advantage in CS2 is to level up your account and earn medals. Participating in tournaments or entering matchmaking with medals makes a good impression on teammates and opponents. A strong record of accomplishments and the capacity to contribute to the team’s success are indicators of this.

Additionally, CS2 accounts that have medals are a great way to inspire others. They are a constant reminder of the team’s successes and an inspiration to go for even greater things in the future. It takes commitment, practice, and progress to get medals. Having an account adorned with medals is a visible representation of the strides taken and the potential for even more remarkable achievements possible with dedication and determination.

Remember, CS2 medal accounts adorned with medals hold real-world value and can be sold or traded for actual money. This presents an opportunity for players to monetize their achievements or gain a competitive edge in gaming. Some players are willing to invest money in accounts with prominent medals, either to showcase their accomplishments or to advance their gaming experience.

Finally, the gaming community places great value on CS2 medal accounts. Owners of these medals have proven themselves worthy in the competitive Counter-Strike: 2 world. Impressing both teammates and opponents, they serve as a visual representation of a player’s skill and experience. The medals they earn demonstrate a player’s dedication to the game. So, it’s safe to assume that a player has put in a lot of work to obtain the medals displayed on their CS2 account.

Does a Service Medal boost a Steam Account’s price?

A Steam Account’s price will be boosted with a Service Medal. The right person will be willing to pay the price you list your account at if you have the Medal/s they want. Service Medals are like decorations that make your CS2 Medal account look prettier and tell the viewer that you have spent that much time and have experience and expertise in playing the game.

What is the latest Service Medal that Valve has released?

The latest Service Medal that Valve will be releasing on the 1st of January, 2024, is the 2024 Service Medal in CS2. (https://twitter.com/CounterStrike/status/1735099286403379647)

How to achieve the 2024 Service Medal in Counter-Strike 2?

Service Medals for a specific year can be won by exchanging earned levels and experience points. Participating in the game is the simplest way to gain experience in CS2. Any mode will do, but you can only earn experience in the “official” modes that Valve has approved. To reach Global General Rank 40, you need 195,000 experience points or 5,000 XP for each level. Though it may take a while to reach Rank 40, you may relax knowing that you’ll earn an additional 5,000 experience points every week just for playing the game.

If you want to level up quickly, you should finish the games you start. Gain experience points by participating in operations and completing their missions. For now, you can do these tasks with an operation pass. Remember that the experience you gain is directly proportional to your level of gameplay.

To get a Service Medal after you’ve met the criteria, do as follows:

  • Boot up CS2 on Steam.
  • To access your profile, locate your player character and click on your name.
  • Click on the “Get Service Medal” menu item.
  • Press the “Get Service Medal” button once more. You will now have the badge in your hands.

How, in a recent ban wave, Valve banned players for cheating their way to the red-colored service medal?

The recent discussion surrounding the CS2 red medal proves that controversy is nothing new to the gaming industry. There have been passionate arguments and conversations as players and fans have voiced their ideas and concerns on different forums. Now, we will explore the issue’s core, illuminating the controversy’s different aspects.

The red service medal in CS2 shows commitment, proficiency, and time spent playing the game. Nevertheless, several players have expressed surprise at how many have already earned this medal for 2023. The main issue is whether or not it is possible to ethically receive this medal.

A Steam user dissected the red medal’s mathematic requirements. A player must complete 240 levels to earn this medal. Even a single service medal would take months, considering that one can level up twice or thrice a week with serious effort. Many people think that gamers might be utilizing unscrupulous methods to earn the red medal, the sixth in the queue because it looks so challenging to achieve in such a short period.

Many players have allegedly cheated to quickly earn the red medal. Some gamers suspect their opponents use bots to give themselves an unfair advantage. Some have even gone so far as to say that gamers cheated by taking advantage of bugs to get the medal.

Speculation is heightened on Steam because numerous players sporting the red service medal for 2023 are observed in live games using bots, which adds fuel to the fire. Everyone agrees that getting the red medal so quickly isn’t attainable in a legitimate way.

Some Redditors have noticed a recent wave of bans aimed at gamers with the red medal. Some find it funny that Valve punishes players for getting an item that seems complicated to legitimately. But some players mention that this isn’t the first time Valve has punished boosted accounts.

A bigger problem has been brought to light by the Red Medal dispute, which is currently receiving much attention. Since getting this medal is next to impossible without using some form of glitch or exploit, players are wondering what the purpose of having it is. Furthermore, many still believe that aim bottlers and wallhackers are more severe problems in the game, even when red medal players are banned.

The red medal ban wave in CS2 underscores game designers’ challenges in ensuring balanced gameplay. It’s not just about rewarding loyal gamers but also about preventing these rewards from being misused. As the discussion continues, we remain committed to finding a solution that ensures fairness and recognizes genuine effort, thereby reassuring our gaming community of our dedication to fair play.

Why should you always buy CS2 Medal Accounts from FPS Point?

The simple answer to that question would be that our catalog is unique, and we aim to provide the best gaming experience to our clients. To start, we have a wide variety of accounts available for purchase; we can fulfill any request you may have.

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Finally, there’s the issue of digital accounts getting stolen. This can happen to anyone; it’s a common occurrence. However, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our accounts since we create them ourselves, so you can handle this.

In CS2, medals serve as a visual representation of a player’s level of expertise and achievements. They can be obtained by participating in matchmaking, wingman, or danger zone, all of which are competitive game modes.

These medals are earned after players have put in a lot of time and effort to obtain Private Rank 40. When players reach this level, their profiles are reset, and they receive a new showcase medal and cosmetic goodies.

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