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For playing FPS games, you need to focus on your speed as well as the aim. You can not do it without a great mouse. If you need to have a great mouse, you may consider using a professional mouse. Having a professional mouse can enhance your performance in the game. There are different mice available in the market depending upon your choices and your hand grip. You must choose a mouse with which you can move your hands faster and feels comfortable to your hands. The cost can be another factor in which you can decide which mouse you want to go.

Even though there are different mice available, but now every mouse is best for the game you play or comfortable for you. In this article, we have tried to provide you with all the best mouse available in the market for FPS Games. We have also mentioned a detailed description of the mouse so that you can easily decide which one you want to choose. Read this article to get the list of best FPS mouse.

List of best FPS mouse

Get the list of best FPS mouse that you can use to enhance your performance in gaming. Check out the specifications of each mouse to know everything about it.

1. Logitech G203 lightSync

Logitech has always managed to provide the best products in the market. In this article, we are going to discuss one such product. One of the best fps mice that you can choose is Logitech G203 light sync. This mouse provides you with a great range of features at such affordable prices. It is one of the affordable mice that we would like you to go for. The design of this mouse makes it best for playing games and provides comfort to a considerable extent. Check out the features of this mouse below:

  1. It is not a wireless mouse. And, It has a USB interface.
  2. It has a DPI of almost 8000 providing you with the best reflexes.
  3. The size of the mouse is small. SO, if you are looking for a small mouse, this one is for you.
  4. The mouse also comes up with RGB lighting making it a good option to use in a dark room.
  5. Other than this, it has an ergonomic design to provide you with great comfort.

2. Razer Naga Pro

The next one o the list is considered to be the best MMO gaming mouse. This mouse is also small but it the best that the company has provided yet. If you are looking for a compact and wireless mouse, this is the one you should go for. Though this mouse might be a bit small for people who have big hands, for other people it is worth a try. This mouse is ideal for all the MMOs, MOBAs, and to use generally. The best part of this mouse is the battery backup it provides. To know other features of this mouse, read below.

  1. It has a DPI of 20,000 and this mouse has both optical and razer sensors.
  2. Other than this, it has an ergonomic design which makes it a comfortable mouse to use. It is for right-handed people.
  3. One of the interesting things of this mouse is that it has three button arrays that you can use and customize the thumb grip also.
  4. Moreover, the battery life of this mouse is considerably good and you can also use it with Razer mouse dock. You will not find it included.
  5. It is a wireless mouse and also, it has USB and Bluetooth connectivity options.

3. Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless

Well, it is in the name. It is a wireless mouse that you can use for fps gaming. This mouse is known for its movement, accuracy, and lightweight. This mouse is has a battery backup of almost 70 days sp if you have long gaming sessions, this mouse is for you. Though we think the price of the mouse is a bit high than the competitor mice, it is still worth a try if you are looking for a lightweight and best fps mouse. This mouse has a lot of other features that make it one of the best in the market. Read all the features below.

  1. This mouse has a DPI of 20,000 and it has both Optical and focus sensors. The DPI is considerably high and better than other mice available in the market.
  2. It also has an ergonomic design that makes it way more comfortable for people who use both their hands in gaming.
  3. It is a very lightweight mouse that makes it easy to move when you need to have fast movement of your character in the game or any other thing. You can also carry it because of the lightweight.
  4. Other than this, the mouse provides great accuracy and it has an IPS rating of 650. This indicates that it is very fast to move.
  5. Lastly, the battery of the mouse need not be charged for the next 70 days from the day you last charged it. So, it is the best-suited mouse for long gaming sessions.

4. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Another Logitech mouse on our list is the Logitech G Pro wireless mouse. This mouse is usually used by most of the streamers because of the design and the lightweight. Despite being a lightweight mouse, this mouse has a look of what an expensive and a heavy mouse will look like. The performance of this mouse is quite good because of the material used. This mouse also has customizable buttons that you can change according to your comfort. Once charged, this mouse need not be charged for the next 40 days. So, this is another best-suited mouse for long gaming sessions. We like other things about this mouse also. We have mentioned all those features below.

  1. It is a wireless mouse and extremely lightweight. It makes it easy for you to carry the mouse or move the mouse when you are playing.
  2. Other than this, this mouse uses an Optical HERO 16K sensor that makes the DPI of this mouse reach to 16000.
  3. Moreover, it has an excellent design that makes it look like an expensive one. The price of this mouse is mid-range. This mouse is also designed with an ergonomic design that can be used by people who use both their hands while playing.
  4. The battery life of this mouse is quite good. Once you have charged it, you will not have to charge it for the next 40 days. So, you can carry it anywhere or you can also use it for long sessions.
  5. This mouse has 8 buttons.

5. Razer Deathadder V2

This is the mouse that most gamers use. This is one of the most affordable mice and you will find many gamers using this mouse. The mouse is not only suitable to use while gaming, you can use it to carry out other tasks on your system also. It has a very comfortable design that makes it easier for you to use this mouse for long hours even. The features of this mouse are quite great and it can provide you with the feeling that most of the expensive mouse will. Read some of the features that we love about this mouse below.

  1. This mouse has a DPI of 20,000 and it has an optical sensor.
  2. Other than this, the shape of this mouse is quite great and it is suitable for hands with any type of grip. It has an ergonomic style for right-handed people.
  3. The cost of the mouse is quite affordable which makes it one of the preferences for most of the other people.
  4. This mouse has a great tracking speed irrespective of the speed with which you move the mouse.
  5. This is a lightweight mouse and it has 6 buttons.

6. Corsair Ironclaw RGB

This is the last mouse on our list. In case you have larger hands, this mouse is for you. Though we are not able to guess which material it is made up of, the performance of this mouse is considerably good. The buttons of this mouse are highly responsive. You may find this mouse to be a bit heavyweight. Despite being a wireless mouse, this mouse is a bit heavy. For more features of this mouse, read the list below.

  1. This mouse has an optical sensor and it has a DPI of 18,000.
  2. Other than this, the interface of the mouse is USB and it is a wireless mouse.
  3. The design of the mouse is quite good and it is ergonomic for right-handed people.
  4. There are 7 buttons on this mouse and all the buttons are quite responsive. So, you can use the mouse without any fear.
  5. The weight of the mouse is a bit high as compared to others.

So, these were the best FPS mouse available in the market. We have tried to cover all the features of each mouse and also, considered the cost of each mouse. You can read the features of each mouse and then decide which one you want to go for. We hope that this article has helped you in deciding which mouse you are going to choose. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you.

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