Learn How to Kick Yourself in CSGO

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Counter-Strike: Global Offense is a fun game with a good number of servers in different locations. This highly intense game has a 5 vs. 5 competitive scenario format that keeps the players excited. 

But this game can become a little overwhelming when hackers are hard carrying the opponents. Also, when the teammates are incompetent or toxic, your gaming experience can be ruined. So, what’s the ultimate step? What can you do? 

Of course, you can quickly exit the competitive match, or if you feel like it, you can furiously close the match as well. But will this help? Don’t you think that doing this can jeopardize your game performance? 

So, instead of closing or exiting the game aggressively, you can kick yourself CSGO. Do you know how to do it? Or do you know about its advantages? This post talks about CSGO kick in detail. Keep reading to know about them. 


How to Vote to Kick Yourself in CSGO Competitive?

CSGO is a fun game, but unsupportive players, uneventful play, and other similar factors can quickly ruin the experience. Altogether, these things can force you to leave the competition aggressively. 

But always remember that doing such a thing can jeopardize your reputation. And at any cost, you cannot risk your rank. 

While following the CSGO simple settings to kick yourself out, remember that you will be penalized if you are kicked out of the game quite a few times. You can be cool down, and the cooldown duration will increase with each next occurrence. 

Level 1 cooldown – lasts 30 minutes 

Level 2 cooldown – lasts 2 hours 

Level 3 cooldown – lasts 24 hours 

Level 4 cooldown – lasts one week

How to Kick Yourself in the CSGO Game?

You might receive a matchmaking cooldown when you try to exit the game. This cooldown will impact your trust factor. And if this happens, you won’t be able to match up with specific players in the future. 

So, to avoid this complication, you should learn how to kick yourself? When you get kicked, you do not receive any cooldown. As a result, your trust factor is not compromised. Meaning, you can match up with certain players. 

Here’s how you can initiate CSGO kick yourself to stay away from unworthy teammates and opponents. 

  • You must open the console. Then type “status.” After that, you need to press enter. 
  • Then you can see so much data on your screen. 
  • Then you need to copy the userid that’s given adjacent to your nickname. 
  • This step requires you to type “callvote kick [userid].
  • You then need to wait for some time to let the vote be initiated in the game on its own.
  • Lastly, you need to ask your teammates to press F1 and vote yes so that you can get out of the game without jeopardizing your game. 

Even if you have followed all the CSGO settings properly, it’s up to your teammates whether they let you leave the competition or not. 

Advantages of Kick Yourself

Kicking yourself in a CSGO version game is an excellent way to exit the playground when you get surrounded by toxic opponents and teammates. 

The best thing about kick out is that you get a chance to avoid temporary cooldowns. When you don’t leave the game midway, you are not restricted from participating in future tournaments. 

Another advantage of using the kick yourself feature is that your trust factor is not compromised. That means getting voted to kick out is way better than aggressively quitting the game and risking your image. 

But the disadvantage to kicking yourself is that your teammates must agree to vote so that you can be kicked out. If they are not convinced, you might not be able to exit the game this way. 

Should You Call a Vote to Kick Yourself?

Calling a vote to kick yourself is an excellent option, but you must keep it as your last resort. That’s because not everyone on the team will be ready to kick you. And if you want them to kick you out, you need to act weirdly. 

But the thing is, acting this way might make other players report you. In this situation, you will not get a cooldown, but rather your entire gaming will be at risk. 

Is There Any Other Way?

There is no other way to exit the game besides aggressively exiting the game and convincing people to kick you out. So, if you want to exit the competitive game, you need to choose one of the two options. 

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