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Valorant’s Lotus Map: 3 Important points

Valorant’s Lotus Map: 3 Important points

valorant lotus map


I. Introduction

A. Overview of the Map
The Lotus Map is a popular choice among Valorant players due to its unique layout and strategic possibilities. The map is set in a beautiful, secluded garden that has been taken over by the game’s villainous organization, the Shadow.
B. Map Setting and Theme
The map features a number of key locations that players should be familiar with in order to succeed.

II. Key Locations

A. A-site

1. Location

The A-site is located in the center of the map and is often the main objective for the attacking team.

2. Strategic Importance

This area is surrounded by a number of buildings, including a temple, a pagoda, and a number of statues, which provide cover for players moving through the area.

3. Surrounding Buildings and Cover

These buildings and statues can provide cover for attackers as they move towards the site, as well as for defenders as they attempt to hold the site.

B. B-site

1. Location

The B-site is located at the opposite end of the map, and is typically the secondary objective for the attacking team.

2. Strategic Importance

This area is more open than the A-site, which provides less cover for the attacking team.

3. Surrounding Decorative Elements and Cover

The B-site features a number of statues and other decorative elements that can be used for cover by both attackers and defenders.

C. Connector

1. Location

The connector connects the A-site and B-site and is often used as a choke point for the defending team.

2. Strategic Importance as a Choke Point

This area is narrow and winding, making it difficult for attackers to navigate while also providing cover for defenders.

3. Narrow and Winding Design

This design forces attackers to take a specific path, making them vulnerable to ambushes from defenders.

 Other Key Locations

1. Palace
The palace is a large building that can be used to gain a high ground advantage.
2. Gardens
The gardens provide cover for players moving through the map, but also offer open spaces that can be used for flanking maneuvers.
3. River
The river that runs through the map can be used to sneak past the enemy team, but also makes players vulnerable to attack from above.

III. Strategies and Tips
A. Attack
1. A-site as the Primary Objective
Since the A-site is the primary objective, attackers should focus on taking control of it while also keeping an eye on the B-site.
2. Utilizing cover
Utilizing cover provided by buildings and statues can be key in attacking the A-site.
3. Flanking maneuvers
Use the gardens and river to sneak past the enemy team and attack from the side or rear.
B. Defend
1. Hold the choke points
The connector is a key choke point that should be held at all times to slow the enemy team’s advance.
2. Use the high ground
The palace and other high ground locations offer a great vantage point to spot enemies and provide cover.
3. Communicate
Communicate with your team to coordinate your defense and quickly respond to enemy movements.

In conclusion, the Lotus map is a challenging and complex map that requires players to think strategically in order to succeed.