Best Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Valorant Gameplay

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Looking to up your skill in Valorant? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got the best tips and tricks to help you ascend your game and kick it up a notch. From proper positioning to crucial tactics, get ready for some serious improvement.

Know Your Agents and Roles 

Knowing your agents and the role they play is key to improving your Valorant gameplay. Each agent has a unique set of abilities, weapons and equipments that require knowledge in order to use them effectively. Every team should have an Initiator, a Duelist, someone with crowd control/area denial (mostly Sage), and a Sentinels to watch flanks and protect objectives. As a starting player it’s important to pick agents and roles you think will fit you best.

As you get better, you’ll want to adjust your roles and agents accordingly. When playing with a full team it’s very important that every agent has a clear task in executing the game plan. For example, an Initiator will be responsible for first engagement on flanked areas while Duelists can take advantage of that and take out certain threats or pick off members from the enemy team who just came from spawn. Having a Sentinels rotate between different locations will help secure objectives as well as protect flanks. Finally, having an operator wielding agent like Jett or Reyna to snipe enemies from long range can give your team an edge, provided they have plenty of knowledge about this aspect of the game.

Communicate With Your Teammates 

Communication is an essential element of any game, especially in Valorant. In order to make sure your team is performing at its best, it’s important to stay in contact during a match so you can coordinate strategies, give warnings when enemies are spotted, and let your teammates know when they need healing or backup. Good communication also makes it easier to set up crossfires and other tactical advantages against the enemy team.

Fortunately, Valorant has built-in voice and text communication that teams can use. The in-game voice chat is fairly easy to use, but it’s important to remember to keep monitors on during the match so you can hear your teammates’ calls. Text chat is useful for making quick and simple comments, such as warning about a potential flank or setting up a plan of attack. Both forms of communication are vital for ensuring team success in the game, so make sure to use them strategically!

Prioritize Pre-Fire Opportunities 

Pre-firing is something that expert players use to gain an edge before a gunfight even starts. It’s essentially the process of predicting where your enemies could be and shooting in those directions just in case. This can save you time if you manage to luck out and hit a player, but even then pre-firing can provide insight into enemy movement patterns, allowing you to adjust your strategy as needed.

Pre-firing works best when you’re playing a particularly wide or specific angle. Knowing what area to pre-fire helps focus your shots, making the most out of limited ammunition and reducing your potential exposure in gunfights. And of course, there are maps that lend themselves more to pre-firing, especially 13th and Haven. Taking advantage of these angles can make all the difference in a game of Valorant.

Practice Aiming and Movement Skills

To get better at Valorant, one of the best practices is to regularly practice your aiming and movement skills. This both improves your overall skill level, but also gives you an opportunity to understand how different weapons, maps, and playstyles work in different scenarios. You can also use tools like aim trainers, deathmatch servers and duels to really hone in on your shooting accuracy, mouse control and reflexes.


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