Phantom vs Vandal Eye-Opening Debate: Riot Games Provides 7 Insightful Data

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Analyzing the Phantom vs Vandal Debate in Valorant: Riot Games Provides Insightful Data

In the ever-evolving world of Valorant, the debate between the Phantom and Vandal rifles has sparked intense discussions among players. Riot Games, the creator of Valorant, recently shared a comprehensive analysis in their Data Drop blog, shedding light on the differences between these two iconic weapons. In this article, we delve into the details provided by Riot Games, aiming to provide Valorant players with a deeper understanding of the Phantom and Vandal and their respective strengths.

phantom vs vandal

image by Riot

Riot Games settles the long-standing debate between the Phantom and Vandal rifles in Valorant with their insightful Data Drop blog. Discover the nuances and strengths of each weapon, as revealed by Riot Games’ extensive analysis. Gain valuable insights into range dynamics, spray control, and playstyle considerations to enhance your gameplay. Uncover the factors that contribute to the popularity of each rifle among professional players and competitive queue enthusiasts. Stay informed and make informed decisions to excel in Valorant’s high-stakes battles.

Understanding the Analysis

The Data Drop blog, penned by Editorial Writer Kenny “karnifexlol” Cameron, Insights Analyst Chris “Riot Nautisupme” Huang, and Researcher Carson “Riot Shinygekko” Dowah, meticulously examines various aspects of the Phantom and Vandal. While the Vandal takes the spotlight in both professional play and competitive queues, Riot Games’ analysis reveals intriguing nuances that challenge the notion of the Phantom’s inferiority.

The Range Factor: Phantom’s Versatility

According to Riot Games’ data, the Phantom exhibits remarkable efficacy within a range of 15 meters. In close-range encounters, the Phantom shines, demonstrating its superior spray control and dominance in multi-kill situations. This finding solidifies its reputation as a formidable weapon when engaging opponents in short-range scenarios.

phantom vs vandal

image by Riot

Vandal’s Consistent Performance Across All Ranges

On the other hand, the Vandal boasts a more consistent performance across all ranges, making it a versatile weapon of choice. Notably, the percentage of headshots with the Vandal that fail to eliminate targets remains consistently at 0%, thanks to its lethal 160 damage without penetration, regardless of distance. However, the Phantom’s headshots suffer a notable decline in efficacy as range increases.

Usage Rates and Player Preferences

Unsurprisingly, the Vandal maintains its popularity with over 70% of competitive queue players and professional players favoring it over the Phantom. However, it’s worth noting that professional players exhibit a higher adoption rate of the Phantom compared to their competitive queue counterparts. This intriguing trend suggests that the decision to choose between these rifles is influenced by factors such as playstyle and individual confidence. As Riot Games’ Insights Team Researcher aptly stated, “It really does boil down to your playstyle and confidence as a player.”

The Importance of Adaptability and Strengths

Riot Games wisely refrains from presenting a definitive conclusion regarding the superiority of one rifle over the other. Instead, they emphasize the significance of understanding and capitalizing on the unique strengths of each weapon. Valorant players should strive to adapt their playstyle accordingly, leveraging the strengths of either the Phantom or Vandal to maximize their performance on the battlefield. While weapon usage rates serve as a notable metric, players must remember that true success lies in playing to their individual strengths and abilities.

phantom vs vandal

image by Riot


In conclusion, Riot Games’ insightful Data Drop blog provides Valorant players with a wealth of knowledge regarding the Phantom and Vandal debate. Both rifles demonstrate their competitive viability, and players should embrace the opportunities offered by each weapon. By understanding the range dynamics, spray control, and individual playstyles, Valorant enthusiasts can elevate their gameplay to new heights. The debate between the Phantom and Vandal continues to captivate the Valorant community, but armed with the knowledge shared by Riot Games, players can make informed decisions and excel in the high-stakes battles that await them.

*Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Individual player preferences and experiences.

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