Can CS2 fix CS:GO Hitting All Time Low?

Can CS2 fix CS:GO Hitting All Time Low?

CS:GO: Overcoming Challenges and Looking Ahead to CS2

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At FPSpoint, we understand the concerns and frustrations of the CS:GO community in light of recent challenges within the game. The issues of cheating, smurfing, and an overall imbalance in matchmaking have been a topic of discussion among players, leading to a prevailing sense that Valve has neglected the game in anticipation of the release of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2). In this article, we aim to address these concerns, shed light on the current state of CS:GO, and discuss the hopes and expectations for CS2.

The State of CS:GO Matchmaking

For casual players in matchmaking, the past few days have been far from enjoyable. It is disheartening to encounter an influx of cheaters and smurfs, making it difficult for genuine players to fully enjoy the game. A Reddit post from June 1 succinctly captured the sentiment of many players, highlighting the frustration of facing cheaters in nine out of every 10 matches while striving to maintain their Global Elite ranking. The prevalence of smurfs further exacerbates the imbalance in matchmaking, adding to the growing dissatisfaction within the community.

Valve’s Approach: Cause for Concern?

The perception among CS:GO players is that Valve has lost interest in the game as they focus on the impending launch of CS2. This perception is supported by the significant decrease in the number of VAC bans issued by Valve, as evidenced by data from May. While Valve was actively banning over 4,000 players per day in March, the current rate has diminished to a mere 100 bans per day. Such a drastic reduction in VAC bans raises concerns about Valve’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and fairness of CS:GO’s competitive environment.

Valve is barely issuing VAC bans at this point. Screenshot via SteamID

CS2: A Ray of Hope

In the midst of frustrations with the current state of CS:GO, players have placed their hopes on the upcoming release of CS2. The anticipation stems from the expectation that Valve will address the persistent matchmaking issues, effectively combating cheating and smurfing. For many players, CS2 represents an opportunity for a fresh start, a chance to attract new players to the game while retaining the existing community. The success of CS2, particularly in terms of matchmaking, is considered pivotal in determining the future of the Counter-Strike franchise.

Valve’s Commitment to Improvement

While concerns remain, it is essential to acknowledge Valve’s ongoing efforts to improve CS:GO. Despite the decline in VAC bans, it is crucial to remember that Valve is actively working behind the scenes to combat cheating and smurfing. The temporary disabling of the exploit and vulnerability reporting system on June 14, as observed by leakers, might indicate a change in approach rather than an outright abandonment of addressing the game’s problems.

The Path Forward: Our Vision for CS2

At FPSpoint, we share the concerns expressed by CS:GO players and acknowledge the need for a better gaming experience. As CS2 approaches, we firmly believe that Valve has an opportunity to rectify the issues plaguing CS:GO matchmaking. By implementing stricter anti-cheat measures, enhancing the matchmaking algorithm, and creating a more comprehensive system to detect and deter smurfing, Valve can rebuild the community’s trust and revitalize the game’s competitive landscape.


In conclusion, it is evident that CS:GO currently faces significant challenges in terms of cheating, smurfing, and an imbalanced matchmaking environment. However, with the imminent release of CS2, there is hope for a brighter future. Valve’s commitment to addressing these concerns will be crucial in determining the success and longevity of the Counter-Strike franchise. At FPSpoint, we remain dedicated to supporting the CS:GO community and advocating for a better gaming experience. Together, we can look forward to the dawn of CS2, where fair and enjoyable matchmaking takes center stage.


Can CS2 revive CS:GO’s declining popularity?

The main challenges faced by CS:GO currently include increasing competition from other games, the need for consistent content updates, addressing cheating and hacking issues, and attracting and retaining new players.

What are the main challenges faced by CS:GO currently?

The declining player base of CS:GO negatively impacts its competitive scene by reducing the talent pool, making it harder to sustain high-level competition, and potentially leading to a decline in the overall quality of matches.

How does the declining player base of CS:GO affect its competitive scene?

CS2 is not confirmed, so it is difficult to specify potential features and improvements. However, players can expect improved graphics, gameplay mechanics, updated maps, and enhanced matchmaking systems in a hypothetical CS2.

What potential features and improvements can we expect from CS2?

Technical issues and bugs do impact the CS:GO experience for players, often causing frustration and disrupting gameplay. However, Valve regularly releases updates and patches to address these issues and improve the overall stability of the game.

Are technical issues and bugs impacting the CS:GO experience?

Valve takes a proactive approach to handle cheaters, smurfing, and toxicity in CS:GO. They employ an anti-cheat system, Overwatch, which relies on player reports and community members reviewing suspicious behavior. Valve also issues bans and regularly updates their detection methods to maintain the integrity of the game.

How does Valve handle cheaters, smurfing, and toxicity in CS:GO?

Community feedback and engagement are crucial for CS:GO’s future. Valve actively listens to player feedback, conducts surveys, and engages with the community through forums and social media platforms. This helps them identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions about the game’s development.

How important is community feedback and engagement for CS:GO’s future?

Valve can improve the overall CS:GO experience by addressing community concerns promptly, providing consistent updates and content, optimizing the game’s performance, and fostering a positive and inclusive gaming environment.

What can Valve do to improve the overall CS:GO experience?

It is uncertain whether CS2 will bring back the lost viewership of CS:GO tournaments, as it depends on the reception and success of the hypothetical sequel. However, a well-executed CS2 could potentially reinvigorate the competitive scene and attract more viewers.

Will CS2 bring back the lost viewership of CS:GO tournaments?

To regain the player base of CS:GO, recommendations include enhancing the new player experience with better tutorials and guides, implementing more engaging and rewarding progression systems, organizing regular tournaments and events, and actively promoting the game through marketing and partnerships.

What recommendations can be made to regain the player base of CS:GO?

In addition to the previous recommendations, improving the communication between Valve and the community is crucial. Regular updates on development progress, addressing player concerns transparently, and actively seeking feedback can help regain the trust and interest of the player base.

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