7 Inspirations Counter-Strike 2 is taking from Valorant

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Counter-Strike 2: The Next Generation of Competitive Gaming

Counter-Strike 2, also known as CS2, is a highly anticipated sequel to the original Counter-Strike game that was released in 2000. While there is no official confirmation from Valve, the developer of the game, there have been rumors and speculations that a sequel is in the works.

CS2 promises to deliver a new level of competitive gaming, with improved graphics, gameplay mechanics, and features that are designed to enhance the overall experience. In this article, we will explore some of the rumored features and updates that may be included in CS2.

1. Crosshair follows recoil in CS2

One of the most exciting updates that may be included in CS2 is the crosshair following gun recoil. This feature would allow players to have a more realistic and immersive shooting experience, where the crosshair moves with the recoil of the gun. This would make aiming and shooting more challenging, as players would need to compensate for the recoil of the gun.

2. Preview grenade landing in CS2

Another rumored feature of CS2 is the ability to preview the landing position of grenades. This would be a significant improvement from the current system, where players need to guess the landing position of grenades based on their throw trajectory. With this new feature, players would be able to see the exact location where their grenade would land, making their tactics and strategies more precise.

3. Radar now shows footsteps in CS2

In CS2, the radar may be updated to show footstep noises made by players. This would give players an advantage in locating enemies and predicting their movements. It would also make the game more realistic, as players would need to be careful not to make too much noise when moving around the map.

4. Matches being terminated by Anti-cheat

Valve has been fighting against cheaters in Counter-Strike for years, and they are continuously improving their anti-cheat measures. In CS2, the anti-cheat system may be updated to terminate matches when cheating is detected. This would be a significant improvement from the current system, where cheaters are merely banned from the game.



5. Kill celebration count gets new UI

In CS2, the user interface may be updated to celebrate your kill count. When you get a kill, your name may appear on the screen, along with a message that highlights your achievement. This would make the game more engaging and exciting, as players would be motivated to get more kills and climb up the leaderboard.

6. Colorful maps in CS2

One of the most significant changes that players may notice in CS2 is the new map designs. The maps are rumored to be more lively and colorful, with more attention to detail and overall aesthetics. This would make the game more visually appealing and immersive, as players would be able to explore and interact with the environment more.

7. Similar UI to Valorant

Finally, the game UI in CS2 may be updated to be similar to Valorant. Valorant is a popular first-person shooter game that was released in 2020, and it has gained a large following due to its unique gameplay mechanics and aesthetics. By updating the game UI to be similar to Valorant, CS2 would appeal to a wider audience and potentially attract new players.


Is Counter-Strike 2 Taking Inspiration from Valorant?

Upon reading about the similarities between Counter-Strike 2 and Valorant, one may question whether CS2 has copied features from Valorant. However, it should be noted that Valorant’s core gameplay mechanics, such as shooting and movement, were inspired by the original Counter-Strike game. Despite this, Valorant has added unique elements to the gameplay and has a different overall design, with the inclusion of agents that possess distinct abilities.

As we approach Summer 2023, it will be intriguing to see if CS2 can attract Valorant players or if both games can coexist independently. Healthy competition can improve the overall gaming experience, and whether it’s seen as copying, borrowing, or inspiring, it’s ultimately beneficial for players. Are there any features of CS2 that we haven’t covered? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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