Frame per second (FPS) defines the quantity of the frames that you will get on your screen while you are playing a game. The FPS value can vary from game to game. Also, the Fps can be adjusted according to the system that you are using. Sometimes, when you have a system with a greater refresh rate and screen resolution, and your fps rate is low, it can lead to the lagging of the game. Sometimes, it can be frustrating to play the game with such low FPS. So, to overcome the issue, you might want to increase FPS. In this guide, we will explain to you how you can increase FPS. Read this how-to increase FPS guide till the end to know more.

What is the ideal FPS?

In this section of this guide, we will explain to you what is the ideal FPS and how you can check the FPS on your system. Usually, it has been said that the ideal FPS is 60. This is because many screens have a refresh rate of 60Hz. But, in recent times many monitors have started providing a refresh rate of 100 Hz or even 120 Hz. With such screens, the game with low FPS can lead to lag of the game.

Now, you will have to follow a particular process to know the FPS of your system. Below we have mentioned all the steps. Read the steps below.

  1. First, you will have to open the windows settings of your system. You can do it by pressing the Windows key and the I key.
  2. After this, you will have to look for the system option and then click on it.
  3. Now, you will have to find the option for the Advanced settings option and then click on the option.
  4. once done, you can easily find the refresh rate and screen resolution option and check what is its value.
  5. So, now from the game that you are playing, you can look for the FPS that it is using.

Reasons for low FPS

Before we proceed with the process of increasing the FPS, you must know what are the reasons for the low FPS. Below we have mentioned all the possible reasons that can lead to the low FPS. Read the list below.

  1. The very first and common reason is that the drivers that you are using are Outdated.
  2. Another reason that can lead to the low FPS is that your graphic card is old or may be slow.
  3. Other than this, if you are running other programs simultaneously, it can also be the reason for the low FPS.
  4. Also, you may have to adjust the screen resolution to be sure that you are using the appropriate screen resolution.
  5. Lastly, you can also consider changing the settings of the game to low. In case you are playing the game on high settings, it can also lead to low fps. Now, you can adjust the FPS according to the screen resolution and the refresh rate of your system.

Different ways to increase FPS

Now that you know the reason behind the low FPS, you will now have to increase the FPS. There are different ways that you can use to increase the FPS of your game. Below we have mentioned all the ways that you can use it. If one method didn’t work for you, you can try the other one. Read all the methods below.

Update drivers

The very first method that you can use is to update all the drivers on your system. This is the most common method that you can use. Almost all the problems can be resolved if you update everything on your system. On your system, you will have to look if any update is available for windows. In case any update is available, you will have to download and install all the updates.

Other than this, you can also see if the GPU drivers are updated or not. In case you have not updated your drivers, you will have to first update them to the latest version. Sometimes there are chances that you start getting more errors when you update your drivers because of some issues with the latest version of the driver. If this the case with you, you can download the previous version of the driver.

Change the in-game settings

Now, the next method that you can use is to change the in-game settings. Different games have different settings. Not every game allows you to change every setting. But there are some settings that you can change. You will have to look for the settings that can help you to optimize the settings of your game. Look for the settings that can do one of the following as mentioned.

  1. You can switch the settings to high or low.
  2. Settings that can optimize the performance of the game.
  3. Look for the option to disable anti-aliasing.
  4. You can also disable the option for special effects and if not, you can try to set them low.
  5. Also, you can try to adjust the texture quality of your game.

Change the screen resolution

Another reason that can contribute to the low FPS is that you are using a high resolution than is actually needed. In case you are using a high resolution, you can change the resolution of the screen to a lower level. You can check the resolution of the screen in the Windows settings and then you can change it according to your choice. After changing the resolution, you will have to restart your system and then run the game. If you are facing the same issue, it can be because of some other reason.

Try using FPS booster software

Another method that you can use is to use the FPS booster software. You can download the FPS booster from the internet. There are different FPS booster software available on the internet. This software guarantees you to maintain the FPS throughout the process. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that if you have already used the other methods to optimize the FPS, there are chances that you will feel no difference. All that this software does is slow down the background processes and it leaves space for your game to run on your system.

Change the graphics card settings

NVIDIA and AMD graphics card provide you with the facility to change the settings according to you. You can change the settings or set them either low or high. One thing that you will have to do is to change your settings to the maximum. This is important because if you change the setting to high performance, the graphic card will not emphasize saving electricity. In case you want to know how you can change the settings of the graphic card, you can look for the instructions on their page. If changing the setting didn’t work for you, you can try to roll back the settings like it was previously.

Hopefully, any of the methods that we have mentioned above will help you to increase the FPS of your system. We have mentioned all the possible methods that you can use. We hope that you have found this guide helpful in increasing the FPS.

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