Meet Gekko: The Latest Agent in Valorant with 3 Unique Set of Abilities

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gekko valorant

Valorant, the renowned 5v5 character-based tactical shooter game from Riot Games, has added a new agent to its roster of characters – Gekko. He is the 22nd agent to join the Valorant Protocol and is the sixth initiator to be released.

Gekko’s Background

  • Gekko is a young Hispanic-American man from Los Angeles, California, who leads a tight-knit crew of four creatures with the ability to transform between animalistic forms and a globule state.
  • These creatures are Dizzy, Wingman, Thrash, and Mosh, and they assist Gekko in various ways on the battlefield.
  • Gekko’s backstory reveals that he rescued these creatures from K-SEC, a shady corporation that experimented on them.
  • He bonded with them and gave them names and personalities.

Gekko’s Personality

  • Gekko has a very chill and nice personality, and he likes to encourage his team to work together and compliment his team and his pets whenever they complete a task.
  • He also translates whatever his creatures say to other agents and tries to teach them manners.

Gekko’s Abilities

  • Gekko’s abilities are based on his creatures’ unique skills and transformations.
  • His passive ability is Globules, which allows him to collect his creatures after they have been used or killed, and store them in his sash for later use.
  • His basic abilities are Mosh Pit and Wingman. Mosh Pit lets him send out Mosh, a green creature that can bounce off walls and explode on impact or after a short delay, dealing damage and concussing enemies. Wingman lets him send out Wingman, a blue creature that can fly and attach itself to surfaces or enemies, acting as a camera that can ping enemies or detonate to deal damage.
  • His signature ability is Dizzy. Dizzy is a yellow creature that can roll on the ground and create a trail of smoke behind him. Gekko can control Dizzy’s movement and direction and recall him at any time. The smoke trail obscures vision and reveals enemies within it.
  • His ultimate ability is Thrash. Thrash is a red creature that can transform into a large beast that can charge forward and knock back enemies. Gekko can ride on Thrash’s back and control his movement and direction, as well as fire his weapon while doing so.

Gekko’s Playstyle

  • Gekko is an agent that brings an eclectic way to deal with situations, check corners, get onto locations, plant the spike, and disrupt the enemy team.
  • He is also an agent that brings a lot of fun and personality to the game, with his colorful appearance, cheerful voice lines, and adorable creatures.
  • He is expected to be a popular choice among players who enjoy initiating fights and creating chaos.


  • Gekko is available now in Valorant with EP_06 // ACT II.
  • Players can unlock him by completing his contract or purchasing it with Valorant Points.
  • Players can also check out his official trailer, gameplay reveal, Spotify playlist, quotes, lore details, and more on the Valorant website or YouTube channel.


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