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A Master Guardian CSGO Prime Account has been the most preferred among various gamers. It has considered being one of the best rank to smurf on Fps Point website. It is located in the middle of the listed Prime Ranks. 

Players at Master Guardian Level will encounter their opponents like in Silvers, Gold Nova ranks. It is the best way to practice more and more to move up to a higher-level CSGO Accounts.

Master guardian Rank is a CSGO rank where users learn about more advanced strategies of the game, about the team, and various other aspects of the game. 

Achieving a CSGO Master Guardian Prime Rank (MG) is tough than the previous game levels. Once a gamer has reached this level of CSGO game, this means they are just three ranks away from reaching Global Elite Prime Account. Many CSGO players struggle to reach this rank.


Instant / Automatic Delivery !!!

Fps Point offers instant and auto-delivery after a successful checkout from the website. If any of our players have not received Account Details on your email instantly even after the payment has been processed, they are free to contact us for support on account-related queries.

Master Guardian Prime (MG) exhibits certain Account Features:

  • Rank: Master Guardian 
  • Wins: 10-50
  • Play-Time: 4-80 Hours
  • Private rank: 21+ – Eligible for Prime MatchMaking
  • Prime Status: Enable
  • Steam level: 0-9 ( Limited Account – need to add 5 USD Wallet Code)
  • Global region 
  • Competitive Cooldown/ Bans: None
  • No Hacks or Third-party software used
  • VAC Status: Clean
  • Instant Delivery
  • Matchmaking Ready
  • FACEIT Ready
  • Lifelong Warranty [Complete Ownership including Mail Access]
  • Steam Guard: Off [For Faster Delivery]
  • Cheap and Cost-Effective Prime Ranked Account 
  • Safe and Legit Accounts 

Buy CSGO Master Guardian Elite (MGE) Prime Ranked Smurf Accounts from Fps Point at much lesser rates as compared to others. So, get going to the next level of CSGO Matchmaking!

What Will You Get?

Steam Accounts with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is added in the Steam Library. These will be delivered instantly on your e-mail id after placing an order with the following details:

  • Steam Username
  • Steam Password
  • Original Email id (Original Email id linked to the account)
  • Email Password

In the gaming world, the Master Guardian Rank on CSGO has become a preference for gamers over time. The players tend to maintain their Master Guardian Rank in the game. This is done just to ensure that the players can handle the basics of the professional CSGO Ranks.

  • A gamer can play with low-position players. Because they can easily dominate the match with no exertion. 
  • A newcomer can not get to these CSGO Accounts 
  • A gamer can use different strategies and skills to win the Master Guardian Level.
  • A player can play with their similar ability level companions through their Smurf accounts

Why Prefer Us?

If any player is buying from our portal, we ensure secured services. Besides this, a bonus of high-quality service is also provided. All gamers are secured with a Secure Payment Gateway (SSL) on our servers. This is done to protect their credentials from the breach of any third party. Because our customer’s safety is our priority.


Buying from our portal means secured shopping, with a bonus of high-quality service. We provide secure payment gateway so that your credentials are protected from the reach of any third party and are safe on our servers. Because safety of our customer is of utmost importance to us.


Gamers can buy a prime status from steam. At Fps Point.com, we offer our players a wide range of already ranked accounts such as the Master Guardian Prime Account.

There are the following steps for a player to get a Master Guardian Prime Account: 


  • Firstly, the players have to validate their phone numbers in their Steam Account. With this, they will get a level up to rank 21+.
  • Also, a player can get a Master Guardian Prime Account, if they have received a Service Medal.
  • If a player is eligible for a Master Guardian Prime Account, then a gamer has to click on the “Details” tab. It is located at the top of the user’s CSGO profile screen to get the CSGO Account Details.

Master Guardian Prime Account is a good rank than other lower ranks in CSGO game. It is a part of the Prime Ranked Account. It will confront you with many experienced and skilled opponents. If you have a Loyalty Badge of this ranked account, this signifies that a player is skilled and is above the other game players.

  • Master Guardian Prime Ranked Account is a great rank to achieve and puts you above all the other players!

  • Affordable and Economical CSGO Accounts.
  • Safe and Legit Accounts 
  • Instant Delivery
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  • Steam Account
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  • After-Sales Support.

Due to such offers, Fps Point (fpspoint.com) is preferred more than any other CSGO website. These services make us the right choice to buy CSGO accounts for many gamers. 

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