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FPS point - The Best CS: GO products provider in the gaming industry

FPS point is providing excellent services at economic rates for its users. FPS point has forged a strong base for itself in the gaming world. Our positive ratings and reviews through our esteemed customers have brought us as far we have come. Thus, we prioritize our customers.

FPS point – The Best CS: GO products provider in the gaming industry

Verified and trusted (Legit Accounts)

Breach of data has become quite common in the CS: GO levels. To prevent our gamer’s gaming accounts from happening, we assure our players about their accounts are verified. Also, we ensure them that no third-party software is used for boosting.

Cheap and Affordable

FPS point provides the cheapest and most affordable CS: GO Prime Accounts. When gamers will purchase our CS: GO product, they will get the additional keys and benefits. They do not have to spend any extra penny after that. It inculcates several offers within a CS: GO Account.

Instant delivery

Our gamers are ensured that their account details are delivered within no time. This means that just after the purchase of CS: GO product, their account details are delivered instantly to their registered email id. Hence, they can begin playing CS: GO games at the same moment.Also, they will get the benefits along with their purchase such as 24/7 live chat support. Customer service will be provided to all the players. They will guide the players on how to play the CS: GO game.Once the purchase is done, your CS GO Prime account is activated.

24*7 Customer Support Service

The customer service is provided 24*7 to all the players who have purchased the CS: GO product. The service provides our players with guidelines regarding any technical difficulties or queries that are faced by them. For this, quick solutions are provided by Live Chat Support. This is available round the clock via email and live chat to address their concerns.

100% Positive Feedback

We have been in this gaming world for many years. FPS point ensures to work with full dedication on the feedbacks provided by our esteemed gamers. We surely make changes according to the feedback provided. Our customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.

Buy CSGO Ranked Accounts From FPS point

Players can fully enjoy all the gaming features of CSGO Accounts immediately after the purchase of CS: GO products. All our CS: GO players are ready for instant matchmaking once their purchased account gets activated. More advanced features get unlocked once our player reaches level 21 - Private Rank.

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FPS point provides the following CSGO Prime features:

Instant Delivery of Prime Account

Lifetime Free Customer Support

Guaranteed Benefits and Returns.

Complete Refund Policy

Economical Rates

No Additional Charges

24*7 Customer Service

Players need to pay extra for unlocking additional features.

More About CS: GO Ranked Accounts

Genuine Accounts

In our gaming world, it is very easy to get scammed. Newbie players are not aware of scams. Because of this, it becomes very difficult for them to distinguish between genuine and fake gaming accounts. 

FPS point prevents this from happening by:

  • Making trustworthy transactions 
  • Using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to keep CS: GO Accounts secure. 
  • Avoid third-party intruders. Our accounts buying process is extremely safe and secure. 

Prime Account

Players will enter a Prime Account only when they have crossed the basic levels and crossed the number of hours of gameplay. When a gamer will reach this level, it means that the player has imbibed various skills and more experience. 

So, the players just have to pay for it, and start gaming with their own choice of CS: GO account. 

FPS point offers a wide variety of CS: GO Accounts that range from CS: GO Prime Accounts :

A Prime CS: GO Account saves a lot of time and tons of energy. At this rank, our players will also get a higher level of teammates, like professional game players. So, all you need to do is to spend a few bucks and grab a CS: GO prime account that will help you cross all those hackers and cheaters and help you play the game with a lot of fun.

Non- Prime Accounts

As CS: GO game is free to play. After creating a steam account, players will get Non Prime Status. With this account, players will not be queued up with their Prime Status friends. At this level, Non Prime Matchmaking is almost filled with hackers and aim botters. Players, with the help of his level, can even test their cheats. With this, gamers can become active and can use different strategies to clear this level by playing safe.

Our players can move to the Private Rank (PR) 2 Matchmaking ready accounts. They can do this by winning each level and moving up to the higher ranks. Also, they can directly buy them from FPS point.com at a much cheaper rate.

High-Tier Accounts

CS: GO High Tier Accounts consists of service medals, overwatch enabled account, loyalty badges, and operation medals. These accounts are more valuable because they include badges or medals. If a player wants to earn a medal you need to reach your Private Rank 40.

On the other hand, if any player wants to earn a trophy or an operation coin, then they need to purchase it. Along with it, they are also required to complete the tasks which are included in it.

Also, there are other features included in it like “ Overwatch” which clients can unlock by winning a total of 150 competitive matches and reaching a rank of Master Guardian 1 (MG1) or higher than that.

Gamers do not have to worry about buying High Tier Account because FPS point provides its all players with High Tier CS: GO Accounts at a cheaper rate than other CS: GO markets. Once our clients have placed an order and we are ready to serve them with all our services.

Our players can choose their CS: GO Account from our website according to their gaming requirements.
A gamer can still move towards a higher level in this game. They can do this by buying any CS: GO game level and without winning it. Our gamers also have the privilege to select accounts that are in different positions. Such accounts also exhibit various weapons and certain skin types.
We ensure our accounts offered are Genuine Prime Accounts. This means that the gaming accounts are not purchased from any third parties. Our player’s accounts are boosted by our team. This ensures safety for our player’s gaming accounts.
FPS point provides CSGO Prime accounts completely safe and secure for ranked games. A player can choose from a variety of available CS: GO accounts that best suit them. Each player can order CS: GO account whenever they want to order. FPS point never run out of stocks.
We offer cost-effective ways for our CS: GO users to claim their CS: GO smurfs and enter the smurfing scene with high ranks and low prices.

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Free Lifetime Warranty

What else our gamers can buy from FPS point? A lifetime Warranty with no extra cost can be provided to our gamers when they will purchase CS: GO Prime Accounts only at FPS point.com.

Yes, we understand there can be ample times when our players may encounter malfunctions and problems with their gaming accounts. So, we need to pull them out of that situation. This can be done by providing our customers with the Best Customer Support Services, and Free Lifetime Warranty.

These services will be added to their cart at the time of purchasing CS: GO products. FPS point will resolve arising gaming issues within 24 hours. Our players can contact us through email or via live chat. Our customer support team takes full responsibility to ensure that our gamers account is up and running in no time!



If users are seeking the best place to buy CS: GO Prime Accounts, then FPS point.com is the best gaming platform. Players can get them at a moderate price. Also, these gaming accounts are legit. This means that the CS: GO Accounts are 100% working. These accounts are no fake.

Every player can begin the game with an affordable amount of money instead of investing a huge number of bucks in CS: GO Accounts. Gamers can move up to the next level with no hassles. There may be chances because of certain reasons when players can lose their progress in the game. Hence, a player needs to start the game all over again.

FPS point is a Legit CS: GO Smurf Accounts selling website. Hence, accounts provided by FPS point are not purchased from third-party vendors but are boosted by CSK team. Therefore, this makes the buying process of gaming account very safe and secure.