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Best Free FPS Games You Can Enjoy Now

Best Free FPS Games You Can Enjoy Now

There is no need to spend a handsome amount of money every time you wish to play a battlefield game. there are multiple Free FPS games for PC that can give you an immense level of adrenaline rush. These free games are really interesting and amazing to play. the best thing about these games is that they are available for all the platforms which include Windows, Mac, XBOX One, Playstation 4, etc. So if you are looking for the best FPS games for PC then go through this list of games.

List of Best Free FPS Games

Below is the list of the Free FPS games that you can play right now.

  • PUBG Mobile and PUBG LITE

Credit by Sportskeeda

Initially, the game gathered a huge audience on PC and then later on Play Station 4 and XBOX One. These games are available on both Windows and Mac. Initially, the game was introduced for tablets and smartphones and then later on for Windows. The game is all about shooting, where you will be dropped to an island with 100 other players. It’s a team game where the last standing team or person will win the game. You will find multiple gears, weapons, vehicles, etc. while moving around on the map. Additionally, the graphics and mechanics are pretty impressive which makes it one of the best free FPS games.

  • COD(Call Of Duty): Mobile

Credit By Activision

You might have played Call of Duty: Warzone on your PC or Xbox but you cannot play this game on your smartphone. The Call Of Duty: Mobile released was one of the best game launches. For people who wish to play shooting games, it is one of the best choices. there are two different modes in the game. One is the Online FPS Shooter With regular PVP and another one is the 100-Player battle royal mode. Players can enjoy the standard deathmatch in the regular PVP mode and can also alter the settings of the game and the gears. If you are looking for free FPS games for mobile devices then it is the best choice.

  • Modern Combat 5

Credit By Gameloft

If you are looking for the best free FPS games for PC then you must give this game a try. Mortal Combat 5 is one of the best available game for PC. There are various advantages and benefits of this multi-player game. The game consists of amazing graphics and content which makes it one of the famous games globally. the popularity of this game confirms that you will always find a player anytime to play with or against. there are six different characters in the campaign mode which can be customized by increasing the level of the game.

  • Apex Legends

This game is considered to be one of the best free FPS games available. However, people are eagerly waiting for its mobile version. The recent release of the game is available for XBOX One, Playstation 4, and windows only. the game is designed with iterative graphics to attract the player. there are various maps available on the game where players can team up to fight with other players.

  • PlanetSide 2

All the games we have discussed above are mostly about building up a team and then fighting with other players on the ground. the Planetside 2 has something different which might attract you. In the game, you will be playing with 100 different players in another world. You will be fighting with tanks, Soldiers, Airplanes, etc. to get resources and territory. One more thing that makes this game really interesting is that these battles never end.  All these amazing things make this game one of the best free FPS games for PC.

  • Warframe

Credit By Wikipedia

Being one of the most complex games of its type, Warframe stands in the list of best free FPS Games for PC. the game offers the users to travel around different planets to fight enemies and monsters to win. the space ninjas look really interesting and it’s one of the best adventures game.

You can get these games for free for your PC or Smartphone. Download and start playing these games to enjoy some real-time gaming. If you wish to display the FPS count while playing the CS:GO then you can simply enable it from the steam application or you can use the FPS commands. You can learn here how to show FPS in CSGO.