List of Best FPS Counter For PC Games

If you are looking for an FPS Counter then I assume that you are a gamer and you wish to improve the performance of your device for a better gaming experience. If you are a PRO Gamer then you must know about the term FPS. However, if you are a beginner then FPS Stands for frame per second. which determines the performance of the game on your device. if the value of FPS is high then you will lag-free and amazing gaming experience. So if you wish to check the count of the FPS Software while playing games online then there are various software available on the internet which can be used. You can download these FPS counter on your device for free.

Below in the article, we have curated a list of Best FPS counter for PC Games. You can make use of this software to check the FPS count while playing games on your PC.

Best FPS Counter for Games

Below listed software is the best FPS Counter for Games on Windows devices. you can make use of this software based on your requirements. So let’s move to the description of the software without wasting any time.

  • Bandicam Screen RecorderBandicam Screen Recorder

This is actually a screen recorder software. however, the software consists of multiple useful features and benefits. The screen recorder feature of this software while playing games also shows the FPS count on the left side. You can use the free trial of the Bandicam screen recorder. the software works in two modes. One is to record games and others to just show the FPS Count. The FPS count can be determined by the color. If the color is red then it’s recording or if the FPS count color is green then it’s not recording.

  • FrapsBandicam Screen Recorder

Fraps is another amazing software to check the FPS Count. it is one of the light-weight FPS counters for Windows PC. The software allows the user to record the gameplay and to screenshots along with showing the FPS count at your customized corner. Yes, the software allows you to customize the corner where you would like to show the FPS Count. In addition, you can also skip the recording and can only show the FPS count. The software is available for $37 for commercial use. You can also download the free version. However, the free version won’t allow recording long gameplay. you can still use the free version to show the FPS count.

  • DXtoryDXtory

In the list of best FPS Counter for Windows PC Games, DXtory is one such similar software as mentioned in the list. the features and functionalities of the software are quite similar to fraps. Users can take screenshots of the game and can record the gameplay. It even allows the users to customize the location of the FPS counter on the screen. Along with all these similarities, the price of DXtory is also $35 and a free version is also available for Windows users. However, the single difference between fraps and Dxtory is that it is also available on the universal Windows platform.

  • GeForce ExperienceGeForce Experience

If you are using NVIDIA GPU on your windows device, then we highly recommended you to use the GeForce Experience. You can simply download and install the software on your device. The software consists of multiple useful features and functionalities that every gamer will love to use. the software will optimize the performance of the game and also shows the FPS count. the optimization of the game will improve the performance of your device. this will also enhance the user experience.

You can simply customize the settings of the software and can improve the gaming experience. So if you have Nvidia GPU on your device these this is the best pick for you. the software is available for free so you can simply download and install lin on your device.

  • Radeon Proradeon pro fps counter

This software is best suited for the users who have Radeon series of GPU. the software is introduced by AMD. So you can download this software for free if you have AMD GPU installed on your device. the software is equipped with advanced features to record gameplay, take screenshots, and post-production. you can even customize the settings of the software for better usage of the software. you can change the settings of screenshots or for FPS counts.

So these are all the FPS counter that you can use to determine the FPS Count on your PC. Some of this software is available for free also. You can download and install them and can evaluate the FPS count for better performance of your device. you can now choose the best FPS counter based on your requirement. However, if you wish to unlock the FPS count while playing games on Roblox then you can download the Roblox FPS unlocker to play games with Limitless FPS on your device. you can directly download the software from Github and install it on your device.

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