Best FPS booster for PC: Improve Gaming PC Performance

Playing games on your system can occupy a large number of resources of your system only. Though you can play games on your system without any lags or technical issues, sometimes if you change the settings, the game can start lagging. The whole spirit of gaming will be spoiled if your system starts lagging or […]

Top 5 monitors for FPS games : Best gaming Monitors

While gaming, it is important that you see everything clearly and it becomes more important when it comes to FPS games. This is because you need to aim at other things. Therefore, you need a monitor with a good screen resolution and a good refresh rate. It will make it easier for you to play […]

Best FPS Tester Software You Can Use [Updated 2021]

FPS is one of the important aspects that every gamer should consider at the time of playing or adjusting the settings of your system. FPS simply means that how many images your system can render in a minute. It decides the quality of an image that you are going to get on your system. With […]

Best FPS mouse for 2021- Best Gaming Mice Reviews

For playing FPS games, you need to focus on your speed as well as the aim. You can not do it without a great mouse. If you need to have a great mouse, you may consider using a professional mouse. Having a professional mouse can enhance your performance in the game. There are different mice […]

How to increase FPS in MineCraft: Full Guide [Explained]

Minecraft is a high graphics game that will utilize a good number of resources on your system. The frame rate issues in Minecraft are very common and most people may face them. Other than this, if your system has some low specifications, you can also face this issue. So, you will first have to be […]

Best FPS Aim Training Software: Shoot like a Pro Gamer

Well, Aim is everything that you need to focus on when it comes to FPS games. You need to have a good aim to provide your enemies with good damage before he can provide you with damage. People may want to take the help of an Aim trainer to get better at aiming. But the […]

Show FPS in Apex Legends- How to Guide for Beginners

Everyone who is a fan of FPS games must have played Apex Legends. To play this game, not only your skills matter but also the speed matters. You will have to be very quick to survive till the end of the game. Well, you can also not be able to survive, if there is an […]

How to show FPS in CS: GO- FPS Commands

Many players are concerned about the FPS numbers and giving their attention to it. It is quite obvious that people are concerned about it because the higher the number of FPS, better quality of game you get. The FPS determines how you are going to see the game on your screen. Well, you may not […]

How to increase FPS: Optimize PC for gaming – Improve Gaming

Frame per second (FPS) defines the quantity of the frames that you will get on your screen while you are playing a game. The FPS value can vary from game to game. Also, the Fps can be adjusted according to the system that you are using. Sometimes, when you have a system with a greater […]